Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Before Salad

Another crazy day at the Pumpkin Patch has passed.  I racked up 10.1 miles yesterday and my legs were talking to me, not to mention my feet.  In spite of the soft cushy crushed almond hulls that cover the property and my marathon tennis shoes, I can still feel every step.  It's worth it if only to see these amazing flowers.
I mean really, where in the world do you see things like this?  I think most are all variations of zinnias, but don't hold me to it.  This one happens to be an errant one growing in the corn field.
We ushered in over 300 rather good mannered little kids, along with one group of the home schooled variety.  I have to tell you, those home schooled kids are more rowdy than ever.  I just don't pay any attention, choosing to hang out with the flowers instead.
Unfortunately that means hanging out with the critters too.  I'm pretty sure this is a stink bug.  They have decided to invade our little kitchen in spite of the screened in space.  I've also encountered three huge praying mantis.  Those we catch and release.  Maybe they are there to eat these guys!
Just look at the variation in colors on this flower.  I can get easily distracted.  Anyway, I tracked down the only man on the property who knew how to fix the Billyken Blasters (huge cannon like guns you shoot tennis balls out of) so he could bring me up to date.  His day off today was going to leave us stranded.  I'm happy to say I can now repair the blasters!!  
I've been living on cookies, cheese and nuts for the last week, so I made a quick trip down to pick up some protein.  I love their new logo.  
Yup ... I got a barrel of that oh-so-delicious fattening chicken for my eating pleasure.  In spite of all the junk food, I'm now down 15 pounds.  For sure, it's all the walking!!
The days go pretty fast as the sun set and we closed up for the night.  No one got lost, but two jackets and a toy truck ended up in the lost and found, along with one cell phone.  I'm sure they are in panic mode about now.
Four hundred kids are coming in today and I will wristband around 75 teachers and chaperones.  Lucky for me both tractor drivers will be there today so I can hide out in the barn and rest my feet.

Total miles walked so far:  88.82

If I didn't have a GPS watch, I wouldn't believe it!!!


  1. I'm envious of your weight loss. Nothing dropping off here and I'm being so good while Bill is away! haha
    The flowers are gorgeous with a capital G!

    1. Crazy, but it's so exciting to put on my levis that I can actually button!!!!!

  2. Beautiful flowers.....Elva Shannon