Monday, September 30, 2019

The Luck Of The Irish

I actually do have a little Irish blood in my long ago history.  Instead of getting all the good from the green clover, I seem to have acquired more of the dark side.  I have not one, not even two, but THREE bathrooms in my house.

Two now have big OUT OF ORDER signs on them.  Actually they do work, if you don't mind taking the top off, reaching in and pulling on the chain.  Can you believe if?  Both handles broke, one right after the other.  I'm saying little prayers that the third one holds together, because there will be no days off to hit the hardware store.  Course if I'm quick enough, I can make a run for the motorhome!!

So yesterday, my luck ran a little better.  It wasn't near as crowded as the first day, giving me lots of time to keep the snack bar stocked.  It didn't really help to have three brand new girls come to work, but we managed.

I've become very good at throwing them to the wolves.  It's easier to learn this stuff if you just do it, meaning I sit on the ice chest and they do all the work.  Surprisingly, I have a renewed faith in our country.  All three of those girls did fabulous, never missing a beat.

Sadly, one didn't know how to count out change.  She's seventeen years old, trying to subtract $8 from the $20 bill she was given.  I explained .... start with 8, pull out a dollar, that's 9, pull out another dollar, that's 10 and a 10 dollar bill makes 20.  She was impressed.  I was cringing.

At any rate, I wandered off to the Education Center to watch a little of the Barnyard Squares.  When the school kids come during the week, this is mandatory learning before they can go play.
These crazy looking critters play tic tac toe by answering questions about farming.  My favorite is Kareem De Corn.
Next I spent some quality time with my favorite Goaty Goats, getting licks and love.  
Pretty soon Dyno the T-Rex came out to play.  A terrible picture ... I'll try to get a better one.
I stood a total of 13 hours yesterday and walked 6.54 miles.  I think I'll keep a running total just for fun.  Today will be easy.  I actually don't have to work until 11:00.  That gives me much more time to get over that weird dream I had about being in the most fantastic Catholic Mission as it disintegrated around me from the biggest earthquake ever, while I tried to save all the dogs and cats.  Don't ask me, I've no clue.

Total miles to date:  14.17


  1. First, it isn't HER fault, it is the lousy education the kids get these days due to the curriculum (not necessarily the teachers).

    Second, go to Amazon and have the toilet parts delivered...well worth the time saving of going to Home Depot or Lowes since TIME is not on your side for the next month. It is an easy fix once you get the part...just be sure you get the right part.

    1. Hopefully my brain will clear up and I'll think of these things myself. You're right ... kids get terrible education nowadays, and I agree, it is not the teachers fault.

  2. I agree with Dave it is the education system that lacks, nowadays.
    Yes order the parts on line and then a quick easy fix.

  3. Leave the lids off the back of the toilets for October. Just say'n...😁