Sunday, September 29, 2019

My DATE For The Day

Drum Roll ..... TA DA!!!!  The Pumpkin Patch is open for business.  It's just amazing all the different kinds of pumpkins there are in the world, most all of which are available here for your decorating and eating pleasure.  Many of these are "pie" pumpkins, meaning you can cook them up any way you like.
Since nothing was set up the night before, I went in an hour early to get the snack bar stocked.  Surprisingly, they didn't have much in the way of food at all, thinking they were not going to be busy on opening day.  We were swamped!!  

I ran around like a crazy woman, trying to keep up with the snack bar and give breaks to the tractor drivers.  Guess what I was doing here!!!  It's my all time favorite tractor pulling the hay ride.  Where's the NEW tractor you ask?  It's on the Time Travel ride.  More on that later.
In the end, I hauled 16 cases of soda and water to the snack bar, followed by eight big loads of ice.  I was hoping the ice machine would get moved to the snack bar, but that didn't happen.  In no time, I called "Emergency" and someone went to town for more supplies.
I spent most of the day with my date, Mr. Nachos.  We had three girls on the schedule who had never worked the snack bar before.  That learning curve can be a killer.  Luckily they are pretty smart cookies who eventually got the hang of it.  With only two of us all afternoon, Mr. Nachos and I held hands.  He's a Hottie and I've got a couple little burns here and there to prove it.
My second friend of the day was Hot Dog!!!  A skinny but tasty dude (originally from Costco) who kept me hopping.  Since this modern cooker knows not whether it will heat up, we have to warm the dogs in a big roaster, then contain them here until called for.  

The request to please replace the errant GFI plug got lost in the shuffle.  A very watchful eye is now required to be sure the power doesn't go off.  Try explaining that to a high school girl.
I really did try to dial it back the first day, but still got in 7.8 miles of walking.  My feet are none too happy after ten hours on the job, but these sunflowers certainly are!!  
Weekends are tough.  Hopefully the weekdays will slow down and I can cut those hours a tad.  The school kids will start arriving for their field trips on Tuesday.  I'm praying for no rain.  On a high note, the temps are in the 50's at night and I'm LOVING it!!!


  1. Busy crazy there as usual, you are getting your exercise and a good work out for sure, maybe the month of October will rain every day?

    1. Rain would not be a bad thing for me, but it would for the Patch. I'm definitely getting my workout for the year!!

  2. The Crazy Days of Fun are just beginning. Wishing you the best until it's once again over.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the excitement.

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you!! I'm hoping to slow down a tad and enjoy it more.