Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Tums Are MAGICAL!!

Up bright and early at my usual 4:00, the puppies and I wandered around the area.  It's always cool and quiet in the early morning hours.  That means no barking Jessie when other dogs appear.  It's my secret to a happy camping life.

Even better news ... Generator Guy left yesterday at 3:00 so I had a GREAT nights sleep after that train went by that blew his horn the four-blast sequence NINE times before getting out of earshot.  There must be a LOT of crossings on that track.
Our touted as the best-in-the-west breakfast came in at 9:00 instead of 8:00, which was fine with me.  There's nothing like McDonald's sausage and eggs.  Trying not to be wasteful, I ate the muffin too.  First bread I've had in ages.  That would turn out to be a mistake.
This is the name of our group ... the Family Motor Coach Association "Western Motor Home Association".  That's a mouthful!!  
This group has their one big rally in Indio every year.  This planning meeting is to iron out any problems before hand ... and there have been LOTS of problems.  The company that provides electricity to something like 600 sites has of course upped their price, meaning our price went from $65 to $150.  OUCH!!

To add to that, FMCA has provided an "Assist" Program (things like medical and travel) for FREE if you are a member.  It had so many claims, the Insurance Company raised their rates 73%.  There has definitely been some craziness going on!
Lunch came in on time ... Subway sandwiches all the same with salami, ham, pepperoncinis, green peppers and vinegar and oil dressing.  I ate that too and my stomach instantly went into convulsions. I literally RAN to the rig for my bottle of Tums.

With the meeting over, I waited for someone to say let's go for ice cream.  By this time I was really thinking twice about it, but when in Rome .......

Sadly, no one said they were going, even though I found out later they all WENT.  It happens to me all the time, so no big deal.  If I really wanted that much ice cream, I could have just gone over by myself.  That's why I always say .... invite a single person along.  We really hate inviting ourselves!!

By dinnertime, my stomach was doing flip flops of the extraordinary kind, so it was probably a good thing there was no ice cream to top it off.  This year the caterers showed up (last year they were a no-show) with meatloaf, apricot chicken, rice, potatoes and salad.  I could have stayed closer to my diet if I had not eaten the rice.  In no time, I was back at the Tums bottle.  They should just liquify that stuff so I can slug it down.
At any rate, dinner was good, followed by to-go boxes in order to clean up the leftovers.  There were a LOT of leftovers, so I picked up a box of chicken.  No cooking for me the next two days.

The pups and I went for another walk, trying to mitigate the bread in my system, before settling in for the night.  
This morning I'll be heading off for home with lots of unpacking before gearing up again for the Pumpkin Patch!!  It's almost HALLOWEEN!!!!!


  1. At least the generator guy left you to some peace and quiet. Eating bread after so long being way from it does a number on me as well, Tums don't work its the Pepcid AC that settles things down.
    Safe travels and get ready for fun at the pumpkin patch fun.

    1. It's so weird that late in life things start to bother you.

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  3. It is hard when you have been so careful about what you eat then to have no choice but eat something you've been avoiding.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Pumpkin Patch.

    It's about time.

    1. Exactly Rick. I hate to keep eating the bad stuff. I'm sure it has affected my weight.

  4. Our tummies aren't what they used to be but it doesn't mean we still can't be tempted. Shows you what your body needs though, just maybe too much 'no-no's in one day.