Friday, September 20, 2019

Cool Things That Make Me Happy

Here we are parked in lovely downtown Quartzsite Arizona in Park Place RV Park.  This place makes me happy every time I come through.  The two hosts are as nice as can be, always remembering my name.  No paperwork required and $19 gets me two air conditioners running full blast.  It was 102 when I arrived.

I'm also happy and proud that I actually stopped at an unfamiliar fuel station.  Getting diesel is my nemesis.  I've only had one bad experience, so it shouldn't bother me so much.  I fretted the first hour of driving that I wouldn't have enough fuel to get to Quartzsite, where I always fill up.

Between the generator running the AC for about five hours and two trips to the Cummins Repair Shop, I wasn't sure I had enough to go 265 miles.  It would help if my fuel gauge was correct, but it isn't, plus generator fuel doesn't record on the dash.

I saw a Pilot sign and at the last second said SELF ... Just pull off and get fuel so you'll quit stewing about it.  I pulled off the freeway.  It was straight in, pay the nice lady and around the corner to out.  YES!!!!!
Clean ceiling fans make me happy too.  Terrible picture, but I noticed this just before leaving the house.  Good grief ... where did all THAT dirt come from??  There was enough on this five blade fan to stuff a pillow!!  Only three fans to go, but that's for when I return.
Turning on the faucet and getting water makes me happy too.  Not a single faucet in the rig had much more than a drip coming out.  Once parked, I took all the gizmos off (the screen thingies) and soaked them in vinegar.  Worked like a charm.  When done, I stuck the shower head in too, just to be sure it would work also.
After five hours of driving, being passed constantly by trucks, as in a steady line of them (it must be drive-your-truck Thursday) I was ready for lunch.  The only thing I could scrape up was a can of tuna.  What about the pizza you ask?  I only have enough for dinners!!

I was exceedingly happy to find an empty container for the tuna juice.  I was even more thrilled when I poured the juice into the empty Advil bottle and didn't spill not ONE drop!!  SCORE one for me!!!
That's when I had my only non-happy moment.  I got an email saying our Golden Spike Chapter has to bring a gift bag to the meeting in Hanford for the Ladies Tea at the January Rally.  Rather short notice.  I'm headed to Hanford now and I rarely unhook my Jeep when traveling, to trot about town. The only quick thing I can come up with is Starbucks ... or maybe a Cold Stone gift certificate, which I doubt they have in beautiful downtown Dairy-Capital-of-the-Valley Hanford.

I was interrupted in my thoughts however as I tried to light my gas stove and heat up one of my amazing pieces of pizza.  Boy was I looking forward to this, not having had any bread in ages.  The stove wouldn't light.  Ughhhhhhh.

I went outside and found the tank turned off.  Okay ... now it will work.  Click click click ... again and again.  By then I was ready to eat the pizza FROZEN.  At long last I smelled gas and hit the igniter one last time.  SUCCESS!!!  Or not, as I had no lid to put OVER the pizza in the pan so it would warm up before it burned.  Yes, I could nuke it, but if you've ever tasted pizza warmed up in a frying pan, you'll never nuke again.

At last, I scrounged up a cookie sheet.  In 15 minutes I had PERFECT PIZZA, which put a BIG smile on my face.  I savored every single bite.  THIS makes me happy!!
I'll be getting a late start this morning as I only have a two hour drive to a new-to-me RV park in Indio.  With the high temperatures, I really need a 50 amp hookup for AC.  See you there!!


  1. I nuke the pizza for a bit and then finish it in the frying pan, works like a charm and makes it go a bit quicker as the toppings are already warm.

  2. Where did you get the pizza? It looks delicious. I like your friend Angela's idea. When our AC quit we spend one night at Pilot Knob BLM land. We turned on the exhaust fan in the bathroom and opened the bedroom window. About 3am I actually had to cover my legs. I hope you are headed home. I miss your bingo adventures. Elva Shannon

    1. Arizona Pizza Company, Elva. It's pretty darn good!! No fair you have cool at night. I'm still in the depths of warm!!

  3. Nice to get back to Quartzsite again, And of course a fuel stopped that actually is convenient for our rigs with a toad. Sounds like a pretty successful trip so far, continued safe travels.

    1. I stopped at the Pilot in Eloy. GREAT entrance and exit.

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    1. Thanks Dave ... hope all is well with you and Marcia.