Saturday, September 7, 2019

Stuff Happens

Weird things happen to me all the time.  I try hard to keep my cool.  Apparently I'm getting better at it.  Up at 4:30, I was out the door and on the road at 6:30, heading to the Cummins Repair Shop.  I should have known it wouldn't go as easily as I expected.

I waited in the lounge area, picking only ONE chair to sit in this time.  Their lights are automatic. Apparently they automatically stay off.  I sat in the dark for two hours reading one of Nick Russell's books (I'm a tad bit behind in my reading).

Finally the Service Manager came in with a guilty look on his face.  Uh oh ... what's up?  The part that came in was NOT for my rig, but for a school bus.  The girl forgot to check the numbers.  Sadly, they already had my rig torn apart.  I should have known!  I waited another 45 minutes while they put it back together, then dejectedly walked out the door.  Why I didn't lose my cool, I'll never know.  I just couldn't be mad at such a cute guy.

By the way, if you are lucky enough to get this recall, it SHOULD result in no change to your fuel mileage and LESS usage of DEF fluid.  Least that's what they said ... I'm no expert.

We made a deal of sorts ... when they get the part, they will hold it for my return in January.  Stuff happens.  She's back in her parking spot under cloudy skies.
You never know this time of year in the desert what the weather will be like.  Here's a good example of how it rains.  Most often, it's blue sky all around with one cloud dumping everything it's got in one spot.  This is expected to happen every day this week.
Here's another weird "happening".  I just don't get it.  I start off cooking bacon with a full rasher.  Usually twelve slices.  By the time I get done, I only have NINE.  What the heck?  It happens EVERY time!!
Just for kicks, here's the cowboy that chased those yellowjackets off with his hat.  I know, he's too young for me, but hey ... a girl can dream, right??
And here's another.  The mastermind/engineer of the now world famous Union Pacific 4014 steam engine.  In case any of you missed it, it's heading out again from Cheyenne Wyoming and making a big loop around to California.   The Big Boy beast will be in Tucson Arizona on October 18 if you too are here.  It's totally worth bucking the crowds to see this beauty in action.  They should be posting the schedule on the Union Pacific website soon.
In the meantime, I've been out exploring again.  Pictures tomorrow, assuming STUFF doesn't happen before then.


  1. Maybe you should have asked for a loaner car. It would have cost less for fuel and amazingly the part would have arrived the next day.
    Be Safe and Enjoy Tuscon.

    It's about time.

  2. That's too bad but a cute Service Manager softens the blow. Good for you, keeping your cool.
    Great picture of the rain in one area!

    1. I was so surprised ... that's not like me at all! LOL

  3. Darn , gotta hate when that happens. but at least they will have the part there when you return. It is amazing how those bacon pieces seem to disappear. Guess we all miss the Big Boy darn, we leave Ontario Oct 18th.

    1. It's also funny how I'm full after cooking bacon!
      You may catch Big Boy on it's return trip to Cheyenne. They don't have their schedule fully completed yet.

  4. You're breathing, yes?
    Well okay, then. He's not too young for you!

    I sure hope you got his phone number. Maybe you could ask him if he'll come swat away those giant carnivorous spiders who keep carting off your bacon before you can get it onto the plate.;-)

    1. Hahahah Leilani!! Cougar alert!! That's a GREAT idea. Maybe Nancy the blond should reappear!

  5. Cowboy and bacon. Great pictures today! Elva Shannon