Thursday, September 26, 2019

War Of The Insects

Little did I know when I woke up in Hanford (where the air quality was enough to choke a horse), I would be fighting battle after battle in the afternoon.  The good part is it was cool as a cucumber.

I thought to take my time packing up so I would miss the busy morning traffic.  I couldn't stand just sitting there, so I zipped everything up and headed out the gate.  Somewhere along the line I missed the On-Ramp CLOSED sign.  I'm never really sure of my GPS gal, but I decided to trust her this time.

In no time I was mixed in with the crowds of morning commuters.  An hour passed fairly quickly until I pulled in to the fuel station on Avenue 18-1/2 near Madera.  They are usually 15 cents a gallon cheaper than the Flying J next door.  Interestingly enough, they are building a new PILOT just down the road.

I think that's where I picked up my hitchhiker.  He landed on my driver side window and he was HUGE!!!  At least half an inch, not counting the feelers.

I watched him crawl up the window.  I'm pretty sure this is what we call stink-bugs.  Touch one and you will instantly find out.  Unfortunately, there was nothing in sight I could gather him up with.  I finally grabbed my fuel notebook and gave him a light tap.

Sure enough ... here it came in waves of green noxious gas as he fell into the window track.  I watched in horror fifteen minutes later as he righted himself.  NOOOOOOO!!  Another ten went by before he began to crawl slowly up on the edge.

One more little whack and I was sure he was a goner.  More green gas filled the air.  As time passed, I watched one feeler move, then one leg.  Good grief!!!  He crawled up on the track just as I pulled up in front of my house.  I grabbed my hitch gloves and threw him unceremoniously outside.  Hopefully there are no more.
Happy to be home, I carted stuff inside to my stinky house.  It was so stale, I could hardly breathe.  Even the stink bug wasn't that bad!!  After opening up everything and turning on every fan I have, I began unloading.

Only one more load and I'll stop.  Okay, one more load.  Rats ... I have TWO more loads ... and what about the dog food?  Instantly I stopped in my tracks.  I happened to look up to find three huge swarming groups of wasps hanging just over my head as I entered the door.  The WAR was ON!

Luckily I had one can of spray left in the rig, but it was only 1/4 full.  I attacked full force, running like a 3-hour marathon winner.  Oops ... I ran the wrong way.  I should have gone IN the house.  I waited as dozens hit the concrete.  

It's funny, because of the three huge confabs, only one had a nest.  It took the rest of the can to get them all.  I stopped counting at 50 dead bodies on the patio.  A quick check around the side yard and I discovered two more groups, but alas, my can is empty.  
Today I have a dentist's appointment, so I'll pick up another can and continue my quest.  Then it's off to the Pumpkin Patch to check in.  I've received about ten messages in the last two days.  

Social media is a good thing when you've got someone who knows what they are doing.  So much for that, since I've received three different schedules for the same day, along with MANY telling me to bring my work permit.  

It's good to be home!!!

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  1. This bugs sure can be a nuisance, hopefully you get rid of them all soon.
    Have fun at the pumpkin patch along with the hard work.