Saturday, September 21, 2019

Indian Waters ... So Cool

No, it's NOT cool, it's hot here in the big city of Indio, but then that was expected.  I just spent over an hour on the internet trying to access my email accounts.  I don't know why all of a sudden it wouldn't let me in.  That's always so much fun!!

At any rate, I took off from hot Quartzsite with a full tank of fuel.  That little Arco station on Riggles Avenue is always cheaper than anyone else at $3.00 a gallon.  Get an outside pump and it's easy peasy.
There wasn't a lot to see ... your usual cactus and hazy landscapes.  But WAIT!!  What's this?  A rather small helicopter hovering very low to the ground.  It looked like he was looking for tracks.  Parked on the side of the highway were three Border Patrol vehicles.  Someone was in trouble.
This guy kept me occupied for quite some time.  I'm definitely a rear view mirror kind of driver.  I saw him wavering as he came up beside me, so I gave him plenty of room.  As he moved to the right, he just kept going.  I thought he was going to crash.  

Those highway noise makers beside the white line didn't even phase him.  He rode directly on it for several miles, before moving MORE to the right.  Back and forth he went, never quite getting in the lane.  I slowed way down and gave him plenty of room to crash without me being involved.
As I passed by Desert Center, I wondered about the big pie-in-the-sky plans this guy had.
Desert Center (click there) has a most unusual story and it's a fun read.  He planted all these palm trees so he could have a tree ring circus.  Ta-DAH.  
At any rate, the next palm trees I saw were in Indio.  I've heard of this Indian Waters RV Park before and thought I would check it out.  I usually stay at the Elks Lodge, but I only remember 30 amp hookups, nowhere near enough for my two air conditioners in this 100 degree weather.

Try as I might to land here when the doors opened at 1:00, I was early.  I phoned the after hours number and was met with a very nice voice saying come on in!!  They have two swimming pools for your enjoyment, a hot tub, workout room, laundry and clubhouse with free coffee every morning, for a measly $24.00 a night.  In the winter, that jumps up to $71, IF they have space available.
I opted for a pull-through site.  Yes, the big tree is WAY too close, which is why I'm parked all the way to the right.  That puts my awning in the middle of the LITTLE tree.  No matter, we were fine.  The main thing is BOTH air conditioners are working very nicely.  I'm a cool 82.
Although I had no intention of unhooking, I realized I used one can of my cherry pie filling for the sewing group and forgot to replace it.  My addition to the Hanford pot luck of cherry crisp won't work so well with only one can.  Off to the Walmart neighborhood store I went.  

Funny you can buy all the beer you want, putting it right in your shopping cart.  You want the hard stuff?  Find a clerk because it's all under lock and key.
I thought it was perfect .. Starbucks was right next door and I needed that gift card for the Ladies Tea.  Trouble is, they were closed for renovations.  Four miles away through traffic light after traffic light was my destination.  

It's interesting to note that Indio has figured out the flooding problem.  Every corner has very deep dips to drive through, making progress slow.  It was a good thing though, because now I knew NOT to drive the rig on Jackson Street to the freeway.

Back home, I had another piece of that glorious pizza (I'm getting WAY too hooked on this stuff) and spent the evening with the puppies.  
This morning I'm off to Tehachapi Pass and cooler temperatures until I drop down into Bakersfield.  We went there a lot when I was a kid.  Thankfully there's not as much oil being processed as in the past, making the town smell a tad bit better than it did.  If you've ever been to Bakersfield, you know what I mean.  I'm on the road AGAIN.


  1. Love the rv park at the airport. Beautiful night sky.

    1. There's an airport?? I need to spend more time checking out Indio.

  2. Nice that you got a good spot there at Idian Waters. Thanks for the info on desert Centre have passed by there many times over the years but always forgot the research it. quite an interesting history.

  3. When it use to be Western Horizons it was our all time favorite park. That was before the pickle ball courts and other major improvements.

    1. I didn't know that. It really is pretty nice, spaces not too close together. Should be beautiful lawns, but they were completely redoing the sprinkler systems, so all was brown.