Wednesday, April 25, 2018

It's Not Just California

Let's face it, California sucks and isn't getting any better.  It's filled with people who get the most welfare of any other state and they have for generations.  If you're a criminal, come to California and we'll take care of you ... give you money, a place to live and free food.  If you're not a citizen it doesn't matter.  You'll get free medical care, free schooling for your kids and now we'll give you a drivers license.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind helping people who really want to work.  My grandparents immigrated here and didn't get a dime.  They worked hard and went through the process to become citizens.  It's pretty frustrating to keep doling out all my taxes for people who just demand everything for free.

So here's the deal as far as I understand it.  By the way, I took this image from the California DMV website so I could show you exactly what you need to watch out for, whether you are a California resident or not.  Why?  Because this is not just California.  Many other states have already begun this process, including Arizona.

The top picture is of a REAL card.  A Real card is issued to a proven California resident and US citizen.  DO NOT renew your drivers license through the mail unless you don't care, or will never fly in an airplane.  You will get the FAKE ID card automatically.  You only get the REAL card if you ask and apply for it IN PERSON.

Go directly to the DMV office (after making an appointment, of course) and take your passport (the best idea) or any of the following:  your birth certificate, an employment authorization document or a permanent resident card.  Notice your current driver's license will not work.

If you have a different name than on your birth certificate because you got married or divorced, you have to take every court document you have that certifies (in other words a certified copy) your name change.  Married and divorced two or three times?  You're going to need a wheelbarrow!!

Also take with you a copy of your mortgage, your utility bill or something with your physical address and current name on it.  Anything addressed to a Post Office Box will not work.

Present proof of your social security number ... either your actual card or a W-2 or pay stub with your complete number on it.  Again, anything with a different name than your birth certificate, has to have a certified copy of the name change.

Confused yet?  It's ridiculous that we now have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt who WE are, while we let non-citizens flood the country with NO identification.

REAL drivers license ... golden bear.  FAKE license ... Federal Limits Apply in the top right corner.
You too can have the FAKE ID drivers license card if you so desire.  It is considered Federal Non-Compliant ... which means you cannot use it to get on any domestic airplane or visit any military base or federal facility.

Although they won't tell you, you also CANNOT buy any weapons (I'm not sure about ammunition, although California is taking care of that by requiring a new "license" in order to purchase ammunition).   If you have a concealed carry permit or if you think you will ever want to purchase a weapon, you CANNOT do so with the FAKE card.  Most people won't care about that part, but if you need to fly home at some point, you will not be allowed on the airplane without a passport or this card.

Sound crazy?  Yup I agree.  Lots of hoops for us citizens to jump through while the immigrants have to prove nothing.  They just walk in and get a drivers license.

So there it is folks.  I think it became effective in 2018 for those whose driver's licenses expired around that time.  Many people have received the FAKE card without knowing and now have to gather up all their information and go down to their local office for a new card.

Think this is just crazy California?  Nope ... it's effective in 2020 for many other States as well, Arizona being one of them.  Check with your local DMV office on-line.  Information should be available there.

If you do not currently have a passport, it might be a good idea to get one, even if you never travel.  It's the one thing that will get you in anywhere.


  1. Now something about that just does not seem right. A fake driver's licence hmmm. I have seen in Mexico if you buy a car there they will give you a free driver's licence. I know here in Ontario you need to go through many tests, written and driven, and different levels until you get a driver's licence.

    1. That's interesting ... different levels? We have to take a written test (now done on computers) and a driving test. Once you pass both and prove you can see the eye chart, you're in like Flynn.

  2. Of course, you need that documentation to get a passport, too, but at least a passport is good for ten years.

    1. I've had my passport for so many years I can't remember what they required. I do know they did a background check. That thing is worth it's weight in gold.

  3. Beginning Jan. 22, 2018, travelers from nine states will no longer be able to travel with only their driver’s licenses.

    Residents of Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Washington will have to use alternate ID forms (passport, military ID, or permanent resident card) to pass TSA security checkpoints—even for domestic travel.

    On Thursday, the TSA began placing signage around airport security checkpoints to inform travelers of the new TSA rules going into effect in 2018.

    The IDs from these nine states do not meet the federal government’s minimum security standards. And, according to the REAL ID Act of 2005, federal agencies (like the TSA) are prohibited from “accepting for certain purposes driver’s licenses and identification cards from states not meeting the Act’s minimum standards.”

    Also because it is long winded article
    You could read what Arizona is doing

    And if you really want to scare the hell out of yourself read this article

    They were actually trying to create a law that would RFID chip any newborn in the hospital

    There are some high-tech companies that actually do ship their employees but on a voluntary basis the RFID chip goes between your thumb and your index finger
    When you enter the building to work any door that you open monitors your time as a time card you can use it in the cafeteria for the vending machine because the chip is registered to you they subtract the amount out of your paycheck

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    1. Wow ... that's crazy!! I had no idea. I do imagine we will be there before too long however!!

  4. Oop,sForgot this one. You can't get into any shipping port without one that one card alone cost 250 bucks for 3years

    The Transportation Worker Identification Credential (or TWIC) program is a Transportation Security Administration and U.S. Coast Guard initiative in the United States. The TWIC program provides a tamper-resistant biometric credential to maritime workers requiring unescorted access to secure areas of port facilities, outer continental shelf facilities, and vessels regulated under the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002, or MTSA, and all U.S. Coast Guard credentialed merchant mariners.[1] As of May 2014, there were 2,999,058 people enrolled in the program.[2] Those seeking unescorted access to secure areas aboard affected vessels, and all Coast Guard credentialed merchant mariners, must obtain a TWIC. The new measures were fully implemented on April 15, 2009.[3] To obtain a TWIC, an individual must provide biographic and biometric information such as fingerprints, sit for a digital photograph and successfully pass a security threat assessment conducted by TSA.

    The issued card (pictured right) contains a computer chip, known as an Integrated Circuit Chip (ICC), which stores the holder's information and biometric data. The chip can be read by inserting it into a reader or holding it near a "contactless" reader. There are also a magnetic strip (similar to a credit card) and a linear barcode on the back as alternative reading methods.[4]

    1. We seem to be more and more controlled. On one hand, I think that's a good idea ... on the other, Big Brother sure is getting into our pockets.

  5. That 'star' within the Golden Bear, THAT is the official thing to look for in other state's driver's licenses. The GOOD THING, once you have a star, other states should accept that you have been verified, so moving and getting a DL with a star 'should be' fairly easy...but with Governments, you never know....

    1. I'm sure there will be plenty of "fake" bears with stars VERY soon!! Although they are getting harder to replicate. One thing this does is put a lot more money in the governments pocket.

  6. Okay, that just gave my brain a fizzle and it has enough fizzles as it is! LOL you are right, hoops galore!
    We have tests for our drivers licenses but it is pretty straight forward to get a passport. We are very lucky apparently!

    1. Yes you are Patsy! Seems to me they should just say you can't fly without a passport. But then the Federal Government would have to do all the work. This way, they push it all off on the States.