Monday, April 23, 2018

Back At It ... More Cooking

Okay, I feel bad I complained about the Chefs.  With my cooking track record, I shouldn't be saying anything, accept at least I'm a little more organized.  Forgetting the cooking water IS kind of a biggie.  At any rate, the left over pasta I had for breakfast was mighty tasty.  They certainly can put together a mean sauce.

After actually getting some sleep and a stiff neck (I'm still on the couch with the puppies), I will be back at it this morning.  First thing, I'm heading to the Elks Lodge to package up 300 lunch bags for Farm Safety Day at the Fairgrounds.

This is farm country, or at least it used to be.  Much of the producing lands have been turned into subdivisions, but there is still enough left to be of concern to first responders here.  The thing is, no one teaches their kids not to play with matches, not to swim in the canals and not to play in silos.

The Fire Department, Sheriff's Department and other emergency responders put on programs to teach grammar school kids who live in the city, how to stay alive.  The Elks, as usual, feed everyone for free!!  There will be barbecued hot dogs with all the fixings and lots of candy in the bags we prepare.  I never said it was a healthy lunch!!  THIS crew definitely has their act together, although I certainly wish they wouldn't start at 8:00 in the morning.

I spent a couple hours in the back yard enjoying my roses and the warm sunshine as the temperatures climbed up into the 80's.  Luckily I didn't get sun burned ... I was moving too fast chasing Cooper's ball!!  Jessie was asleep in the sun almost immediately.
I baked a little Hawaiian banana bread just to keep me busy and probably finished 35 games of solitaire.  Sitting is not my forte.  Miss Jessie is however, and requires constant supervision to keep her from chewing the bandages.  She's off all meds now accept the antibiotics.  YAY!!  No more gooey fingers from trying to hide the pills in her canned food.
Here's the princess sporting her camo bandage watching the Giants beat the Angels baseball team.  She was not impressed.
As soon as the lunch bags are full, I'm off to my Department of Motor Vehicles Appointment.  My, won't that be fun.  It's worse than pulling teeth ... the most horrible den of mean people you can possibly imagine.  Try as I might to make them smile, I have never succeeded.  "No smiling" is a prerequisite for the job.

You can never get anything done with one visit.  I'm already gearing up for at least three to get the lien dropped from my pickup title.  I have an unopened bottle of wine waiting in the fridge for when I return home totally frustrated.  I kid you not, this place has the most unhelpful, unfriendly people in the world.  I'm definitely saying my prayers before heading in the door!!!

On a more positive note, I'm picking up two quilts and leaving one for quilting.  I can't wait to see them!


  1. Another fun day an paradise , more cooking and feeding the kids is wonderful.
    Your banana bread looks tasty !

    1. George ... you're the only one I know that's up as early as I am!!!

    2. That is the best part of the day that I love, early to bed early to rise.

  2. Good luck at the DMV. Sounds like those people are like our Border Crossing people. Afraid to smile lest they give away a weakness. Geesh! Hope it went well.
    Sweet little Jessie, looking so forlorn but I love her bandage. Hope she is soon bouncing around again. Your roses are gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Patsy!! DMV here is like going in to the lions den!!