Tuesday, April 3, 2018

SPAM Has Also Sprung

Those of you who write blogs are probably familiar with the spamming going on.  If you want people to be able to comment on your blog, you're going to get spam at some time or other.  Usually it's just one or two, which I delete as soon as I receive the email saying they commented.

Yesterday was a different story.  The entire thing made no sense whatsoever, half of it being in a foreign language.  When the first couple arrived, I immediately deleted them.  In no time, I couldn't keep up with the number of spam comments I was receiving on blogs two years old.

I decided to wait, since I really don't know whether or not they are notified if I delete their comment.  By the time they got done, I had 35 comments exactly the same to delete from 35 blogs.  It took some time, but I'm persistent when it comes to that stuff.

If you should ever see a comment with a "click here for more info"  DON'T DO IT!  I'm pretty sure something nasty will get transferred to your computer.  For the time being, they are all gone.  Hopefully "Vanessa" will leave me alone and go bother someone else.  

Since it's spring, the cleaning bug has bitten me, something like the bugs from Bakersfield, only worse.  Not only is my garbage can full, but there is another entire load stacked on the ground beside it ....  on top of which every can in my house is full to the brim.  Luckily, today is garbage day.

Having gotten used to being in clutter-free Arizona, I was immediately hit with the need to get rid of junk.  Believe me, I have a LOT!!  It's time for all this STUFF to go.  I will never be throwing dinner parties where I need six glass serving trays, nor those twelve charger plates, not to mention three crock pots and those cracked vintage bowls I've been hanging on to hoping they would magically mend themselves.

In the meantime, I organized the seven quilts that need to go to my wonderful quilter Ann ... she promised to give me a bulk discount!!  There are four more in the wings that just need backing.  Yup that's eleven.  Good grief Charlie Brown!!
I'm up extra early this morning as Dish Network is coming to set up their TV programming.  I currently pay $35 a month for Direct TV (don't ask) which has become terrible since they pulled most of their good programs so they can add them back on for a fee.

Dish will hook up this house for an extra $7 a month receiver charge, since I already have Dish in the rig.  So lucky me, I get to meet them at 8:00 this morning, just in time to get really frustrated for the Magic Kingdom of Bingo tonight.  Whoopee!!!

I do have one question of bloggers.  It used to be when I clicked on my reading list, then clicked on someone's blog, it opened a new window, making it easy to read and close.  For whatever reason now it does NOT open a new window, meaning if I comment, I have to click BACK three or four times in order to get back to the list.  Did I do something wrong and reset the settings or is this happening to everyone?  Thank you for your help!!!


  1. If you have the dish set up in your RV and it works fine do you have a satellite dish in Arizona and California
    If the answer is yes take the ( in the RV )receiver out and put it in the respected house you're in The receiver doesn't know which location only the fact that it works,,,, just make sure that you label each cord attach to the appropriate receptacle

    1. You are right, I could take my receiver out of the rig, but if you saw the mess of wires and connections, you would just shake your head like I did.

  2. I ‘be had totally irrelevant comments on our Alaska trip blogs in 2013 and some do have links. I can’ Delete them fast enough. It’s a good thing we moderate.
    I haven’t had any problems clicking on new blogs. A new window does pop up.
    Have fun at bingo and the Magic Kingdom.

    1. I think I accidentally changed something that doesn't let that new window pop up when I click on another blog to read from my reading list. It's rather a pain.

  3. Hard to help you on the reading list
    why not not put your blogs as (add to home screen)
    They will automatically be on your desktop OR IF YOU LIKE
    make a file,, you could name that file anything you like,
    Drag your special blogs into that file ( Tedda,,, they will all be in one spot )( no clutter )

    1. It's hard to explain .... they are in a separate file, but when I used to click on each one, it would open in a new window. Now it opens in the same window, so I have to go BACK to return to my reading list. Oh well .. some day I'll figure it out.

  4. Spring and spam have sprung
    Not really SPAM runs year-round
    Vanessa is probably trying to get you to join there online casino
    But I'm glad she's heard about you and doesn't know I'm out there
    But my email attracts about 20 a day
    But now that she knows you have nine friends in your blogging list they become a fair game as well

  5. I believe that I mentioned about moving you SPAM to the Spam Comment File. They will automatically delete after Thirty Days but if you just delete them right off the bat they multiply. By leaving them in the Spam Box, Blogger will then recognize them as such and before long they'll stop coming in.
    You should check you Spam Box periodically because it will occasionally throw proper comments in there as well.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes you did Rick, but it's not the same kind of spam. These people write spam comments on my blogs ... like 50 comments on 50 blogs, so I have to sit there and delete every one. Email that comes to me does go into my spam folder.

    2. I think I found the spam folder you are talking about. Marked them all!! LOL

  6. Nancy, I have set Blogger to allow comments through that are under 3 days old, all others are moderated. Right from my email I can say they are spam, and it moves them to spam and no one ever sees them. From Blogger main page click on "settings", then "posts, comments and sharing", then scroll down to "Comment Moderation", select "Sometimes" and then "For posts older than 3 days" (I put in the number 3). That works great for me. Nearly ALL comments on older posts are spam...however I had one today from another restaurant worker from when I worked at Mr. Steak...that is always nice to hear from these folks I use to work with.

    1. Now THAT'S what I needed. I'm doing it for sure. Thank you Dave!!