Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Floor Did NOT Escape!

I held down the floor all night and I'm here to say it did not escape.  That concrete is still intact and just as hard now as it became when it was poured.  The couch didn't sneak off either.  It's right where it's supposed to be.

Miss Jessie came home yesterday to a nice plush comforter bed on the floor at my feet.  I sat alongside her long enough for her to settle down and fall asleep.  Quiet as a mouse, I snuck up on the couch where I would have a good view.
The reason for all this?  You may remember her first surgery a few years ago when I took my eyes off her for ten minutes.  That was just long enough for disaster to happen.  She chewed the bandage and stitches off, leaving a gaping wound.  I wasn't about to let that happen again.  As long as I could see her nose, I knew it wasn't doing any damage.

Yes I have the dreaded cone of shame, but I would rather be miserable so she doesn't have to wear it.  I kept my foot next to her legs so if she began licking or chewing, I would know it.  Not only is her leg in a bandage, but she has two big sections on her back where they cut out some bad stuff.

Was I shocked at the price of all this?  OH YEAH!  It came to much more than the camera lens, but the Vet says this is her last chance for a longer life.  I'm soft hearted ... what can I say.
I spent the entire day on the couch.  At least it was softer than the floor.  For reading material, I chose my latest book, Paleo Instant Pot Cookbook.  Super simple recipes that look pretty tasty, except for the almond flour coating on the chicken.  I'm not so sure about that one.
I finally chose this recipe for dinner.  I'm not quite sure what fish stock is .... maybe fish sauce?  I have honey, although it's processed, not raw.  The chicken tights have me a little worried.  I'm not sure if Save Mart carries tights.  I wonder if I should get black or brown ones??  This of course was not one of the suggested books ... this one was MY choice.  
At 9:00 pm I finally woke up Miss Jessie and carried her to the soft plush bed on the floor, next to the stack of every blanket and quilt I own.  I got the big pile, not that it mattered.  Worried she would chew while I was asleep, assuming of course that I WOULD sleep, I put the cone on her.  She moaned and groaned for an hour before finally falling fast asleep.   

Cooper on the other hand, couldn't figure out what was going on and wouldn't settle down.  Two hours later, he was coughing and hacking, enough to make me jump up like a jack in the box.  I took him outside, after which he settled down in the pile next to me, taking up all the covers.  

Another two hours passed before Jessie was up and I was freezing.  I rearranged everything, took off the cone of shame and we all cuddled up.  I could have used about six advil at that point since my hips were screaming.  It will be over soon, just go to sleep.

Oh yay .... it's morning!!  I got up and limped to the kitchen where everyone was starving.  Three pills and half a can of food later, Miss Jessie perked right up.  
She's navigating the floors much better with her straight leg and so far leaving all the stitches on her back alone.  YAY!!  I on the other hand, am a wreck.  
I have to go help cook 50 pounds of noodles for the Relay For Life dinner the Elks provide free for everyone.  Pasta is not on my diet, but it's a free dinner.  I'm going to go take a handful of Advil, rig up Jessie with the cone of shame and try to get some sleep!!  

The last time I cooked the pasta, everyone was yelling at me to hurry up ... so I did.  I put the pasta in the 20 gallon pan of boiling water without the strainer to strain off the water when it was done.  You can't imagine the chaos that created.   If I don't get some sleep, that's very liable to happen again!!


  1. Glad that Jessie is doing well and hope you survive. When I mad large patches of spaghetti I would cook it the day before, then the day ff get the water boiling and you can quickly heat up a portion or more in the water, need a strainer though, have fun.

    1. Now that's what we SHOULD have done George. Would have been SO much easier.

  2. Well glad to hear that Jesse is back home and doing well...
    Good luck cooking tons of noodles.

    1. I'm glad Jessie is home too. I seem to have forgotten just how much work this is however.