Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Return To The Dungeon

The day had arrived.  Time to head down to the dungeon of the Magic Kingdom of Bingo and get reacquainted.  I'm sure you know how much I was looking forward to working with the infernal machine, the King, Prince Charming, the Castle Lawyer and all the peasants.  The Court Jester is losing all his money in Vegas at the moment, so he was absent.
Some changes are in the works ... the parking lot now has those amazing carport canopies of solar electricity fame in a town where we have maybe 180 days of sun a year if we are lucky.  I have to say Prince Charming (also known as the banker) and his nephew Charming Junior did an amazing job of installation.

I headed straight upstairs to the Magic Lounge for some magic elixir to help me get through the night.  The bartender is always shocked when I say white zin instead of coke.  At any rate, I spent way too much time helping Prince Charming with his phone and missed the setup in the dungeon.  Sorry Charlie.

So happy to see me, I got hugs from the Castle Lawyer (nicest lady EVER), who immediately put me on the infernal machine.  The peasants began to arrive in droves.  I had been warned the patronage was down considerably due to all the bad weather and no place to park during construction.

Let me tell you, there's nothing like pay day coming immediately after Easter.  In no time we were packed with 147 people ... almost a record.  The infernal machine was sucking up one hundred dollar bills like they were candy.

Every so often I checked my watch, hoping we were close to starting time and the line would disappear.  It never happened.  To make matters worse, the infernal mini me credit card machine lived up to its reputation.  In the middle of twelve (out of 30 transactions) it did an unsolicited reversal, whatever that is, and refused to deposit the money in our account.  That means doing it all again and holding up the line.  The peasants were NOT happy, waving pitchforks and shovels in the air.

So much money flowed through the infernal machine that it gave $250 payouts to each of 22 games with lots left over for the charities we donate to.  YAHOO it was an exciting night.  The best part ... unlike normal nights ... the peasants were so thrilled with the money there was no fighting or hair pulling all night long!!

Being it was my first night back, the infernal machine was nice to me and balanced to the penny.  A rarity, to say the least.  Exhausted, I fell into bed at 11:00 pm.  Why is it you never can sleep in late, no matter how late you go to bed??

It was a good day at the Magic Kingdom.  Now if I can just get my truck running long enough to get to the repair shop, I'll be doing good.  It won't hold it's prime ... sort of like me!!


  1. Sounds like you had another exciting night in the dungeon, good luck with your truck again !

  2. Happy to see you survived the Magic Kingdom.
    If your truck is not holding its prime that sounds like a leak in the Fuel Rail.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. I wonder if there is a "Magic Kingdom" down in Arizona?

    1. There IS!! I haven't contacted them yet ... their website says they do NOT need any volunteers, so I'm not sure what to expect. That doesn't exactly sound like an invitation!!