Monday, April 2, 2018

Spring Has Sprung

I would love to show you all the beautiful flowers that are blooming in my yard, but this is it.  My yard is huge, both front and back, so you would think there would be amazing colors to see.  Unfortunately the former owners only planted GREEN things and shrubbery, which I struggle to keep alive.

This is the extent of color.  When I received this as a Christmas gift several years ago, I felt bad because I knew what the outcome would be.  Amazingly, this beauty survives, although I think it should have bloomed just after Christmas.  Everything is a little off around this house, so I'm not surprised that it is going great guns now.
I spent most of the day paying bills ... whoopee ... and walking around saying "I have too much junk in this house".  Like my parents who went through the depression, I seem to save everything.  Three bags of rarely worn clothes are now on the porch for donation and my garbage can is full to the brim.  I haven't even made a dent.

The rest of the day I spent relaxing on the couch with the puppies while I hand stitched the binding on this quilt.  I really am sitting between them.
There's lots of history in this quilt.  I can't tell you where the fabric came from because I purchased it in the very early 70's.  It's been sitting in a cedar chest all these years waiting for someone to finish it. I needed one more border to make it large enough for a King sized bed and couldn't find anything to match.

Almost forty years old now (good grief, has it really been that long?) I decided to finish it the size it is.  I just went through my quilt closet and discovered I now have ELEVEN to be quilted.  It's going to be an expensive summer!!
In the afternoon I whipped up my wonderful meatloaf Easter dinner.  I used a little ground chicken with the beef this time (thank you George) and it came out wonderful.  One suggestion however.  Don't overlap the bacon because only the top part showing will be crispy and delicious.  That's it ..... just meatloaf.  April Fools!!  I had a little broccoli salad along with it.  Not exactly your traditional Easter dinner.
While vegetating on the couch trying to figure out how to get the Giants baseball game on my crappy Direct TV channels, I discovered our nearby city (7 miles away) posts pictures WITH names of all the drunk driving arrests.  Now that's interesting!!  

To top it off, they also list all the crimes for the WEEK ... that's seven days.  Here goes:

Assaults                            82
Burglaries                         22
Disturbing the peace       329
DUI                                   11
Vehicle Theft                    29
Sex crimes                        15
Vandalism                         26
Fraud                                  9
Vehicle break in                14
Arson                                  2

Total calls (I didn't list them all)      601    in just seven days in a city of 80,000 people.  Unfortunately, this is a pretty good representation of what California has become.  And yes, I know, I should move.  I'm working on it!!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter.  Don't eat too many of those candy eggs and bunnies!!


  1. My first thought, reading about your quilt, was how could the 70's have been over 40 years Pretty quilt by the way.
    Getting rid of stuff will be our continued chore when we get back to our house in a couple of weeks. It is amazing what we have accumulated and the more I go through stuff the easier it is to let go.
    The crime statistics are so sad. Take care.

  2. That's the best news I have heard...that you are working on move EVER! I make sure we are not in California for more than six months any given 12 months...I think when it hits 8 months, if Uncle Jerry finds out, they will claim you as a resident.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful Easter dinner meat loaf, with ground chicken and bacon oh yeah glad you enjoyed. I think getting out of California would be a wise move.