Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Good Luck Charms!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Bingo, that gambling addiction of the century around here, and the Magic Kingdom.  Our usual five met upstairs for the popcorn and peanut indoctrination.  I don't know where they get them, but those are the best peanuts in the country.  Popcorn out of an old time machine couldn't be better either ... a great wake-me-up for the crowds to come.
Too bad for us, the crowds never did show up.  Instead of our usual 125-150, only 88 walked through the doors last night, leaving lots of room on the tables for winning charms.  I tried to snap a couple of pictures for you, but that's bad luck.  Who knew?  

It seems many had made the rounds ... Ceres, Madera, the High School and the two gambling palaces within 200 miles.   If you've already lost all your cash, you don't play.  Actually they do play, but with quarters, dimes and nickels from the kids piggy banks.  We were inundated with change.

Occasionally we are inundated with food, but alas, the bakers and shakers didn't bring us anything.  The Castle Lawyer and I were on our own.  I admit, we conspired.  We got the King to order pizza from Costco for the workers.  At $10 for each HUGE pizza, it doesn't break the bank to buy three for the group.  

To make it even better, we actually got ICE CREAM for dessert.  One of the charities we support has a huge auction every year.  Our support consists of paying $150 for the Costco chocolate cake ... you know the one I'm talking about ... or as they did this year, $200 for a year's worth of ice cream from Baskin Robbins. 

Truthfully, it's only two quart containers once a month, but it's more than enough for a great Castle treat.  TWO in one night.  I guess our luck was rolling!!

Later in the evening as we doled out cash, it got even better.  One of the big winners at a big casino had headed to Reno to keep her lucky streak rolling.  There she purchased something like a dozen lucky charm key chains, complete with spinning, clear glass crystal covered dice.  

You're going to laugh, but these lovely ladies are so superstitious they give US the lucky charms, hoping to garner favor with the Gods of Luck!!  Many times they even ask us to pick their cards.  If they win, we will have to pick them for the next month!!  
It definitely brought me luck, since I survived another night and we balanced to the tee, not to mention the pizza and ice cream.  I think I only got half a dose of luck however, because my stomach wasn't the least bit happy with me!!

In one more show of lucky me, I ordered and actually RECEIVED a dozen cans of my special coffee.  I couldn't be happier that I'm lucky enough to have someone somewhere still making this morning delight.  Thank you to my readers for giving me the secret location on Amazon where I can purchase it in record numbers.
This morning I'm headed off to have my Jeep smogged ... another costly California thing.  Then it's off to the local gun range to introduce the Castle Lawyer to the CCW requirements.  Get it now folks ... and purchase lots of ammo, because very soon the NEW LAW requires you to be registered with the State in order to buy ANY ammo.  

I'm pretty sure the criminals will all run down and register, causing crime to come to a screeching halt.  I of course will just go to Arizona if I need more!!


  1. Sounds like good night at the Magic Kingdom.. Now that you mention it I do remember all the lucky charms that these big players had on the tables, something they really believe in

    1. Everything is superstition. Touching cards, good luck charms, how they set up, where they sit ... it's crazy!

  2. Bingo players/gamblers are the same all over. I remember my mom and dad, they volunteered at the Moose Lodge, talking about all the "lucky charms" people would have that had to be placed properly...:)
    I am sure you are right, the criminals will be registering...just like they do not bring guns into gun free zones...:(

    1. Placed properly is right ... and don't you dare touch them!! LOL

  3. SS checks and welfare probably doesn't come in until the first of the month

    You can still buy ammo online
    If not probably at the local gun show
    So does that mean you can walk around with a box of bullets and no gun
    Or is that Barney Fife you got a gun but no bullets,,, second thought he did have one,, Andy,, he was smart he didn't let him put it in the gun though..

    Does California DMV not have a registration/license renewal online program.
    When you mentioned it. I went out and checked my own,,, Well I'm a tad late,,,, But we can do it all online,, from my comfortable recliner.

    1. Yes you can register and pay for tags online (which I do all the time) but a lien release has to be done in person.

  4. Sorry, not knowing or having experience in a Bingo hall, when you mention all the lucky charms etc. I just have to quote Clint Eastwood "Do you feel lucky?"

    1. Hahaha Patsy! They have stacks and stacks of cute little characters from animals to little people to key chains. Anything they think might bring them luck.