Tuesday, January 3, 2017

What's Your Resolution?

Mine is to just get up off the darn couch and hit the road.  I am feeling marginally better each day, but the stuffy head coughing still continues.  I'm not really good at resolutions.  They last about three days.  Yes I want to eat better, be nicer to people, volunteer more, lose weight (like probably everyone) but I don't have the self control to eat better or to eat less, dropping two off the list right off the bat.

What I would LIKE to do is more photography.  I'm NOT calling this a resolution because I already know I'm going to fall off the wagon, but I AM going to carry these lists around in my phone so you nice folks can see pictures of more than just my puppies.

It's called a 365 Project, although I've already pared it down to 260.   You take their suggestion and find something to shoot that day.  You will probably still see the puppies because I'm cheating ... number 11 Cozy will be the babies.
I did not find the 365 Project until last night, so here is one for Monday .. Resolutions and Tuesday .... Healthy.  I resolve to take MORE images of interesting things.  Doesn't this leopard look HEALTHY??  This came from the Rose Parade, although you know I wasn't there.  I just wanted to point out how amazing it is. 

You can't imagine how hard it is to paint thick glue on all those spots, then press on the seeds, or crushed coffee or whatever they used, by hand and before the glue dries.  I imagine they covered the body with the tan color first, then did the spots.  A couple of years ago I did this to a map of the world.  You end up with glue all over your clothes and your mouth full of seeds and coffee, but you smell nice.  If you ever have the time, volunteer for this amazing feat of magic.  Take a really warm coat!!
I checked in on the baby a couple of times ... he's doing just fine.  It looks like the second egg will not hatch.  Actually, it was the first egg laid, which did not get incubated from the get go.  That's good for Charley here, as he will get all the attention and all the FOOD!!
It's back to packing for me in the cold, wet rain.  It's looking like I'll have rain the first few days of my trip.  Rain is good, snow is NOT.  

Here's another one of my "so you don't have to" trials.  Ever wonder if you could wash your motorhome in the rain and just let it air dry?  The answer is NO.  The day before I got sick, it was raining pretty good.  I put on my Alaska rubber boots and my hooded rubber jacket.  I decided against using soap since the forecast didn't look like lots of rinsing rain was headed my direction.

The best part came when all the bugs on the front just slid right off, having been wet for a day already.  All the dirt and grime that comes pouring over the edge from the roof was another story.  Of course it didn't help that after I was done, even MORE crud came from the roof.  All in all, it's better, but not by much.  

If I had climbed up on the roof and washed it too, things might have been better in the end, but I do have at least SOME smarts and stayed on the ground.  Hopefully while we are in Yuma this year, we will do another round of wash and wax.
The Magic Kingdom of Bingo begins again tonight.  That will make a great picture for Thursday .... Magic.  It will be fun when I MAGICALLY disappear after a couple of hours saying goodbye!!

So what's YOUR resolution for 2017??


  1. New years resolutions just plain suck
    Nobody ever follows them anyways so what you do is work on your willpower
    Pretty soon you'll be all better and ready to do the things that you want to do
    Just because it's 35 at 40° out if the wind is blowing good enough for you why are your kite sitting in their case ,,, fly am
    If you have 10 rooms at your house and you clean one room a day you'll be done in 10 days ( don't cheat)
    A nap is a nap but your TV is not your babysitter a 5280 foot walk , and you'll get to know your neighborhood ( don't forget the dogs)
    You know what is high in calories and things that you shouldn't eat
    Nobody says you have to give that up just cut the portion in half
    Or less (and less to bury)
    Photogenic photographs are everywhere? they don't have to be subjects. did you ever think abstract
    Pick any book of photography you will find that the interesting ones do not conform to the norms!! why should you ? YOU have talent you just have to work on it
    If you take one hour and walk around the outside of your house I'm sure you could find dozens and dozens of interesting shots. Take them and with the computer change them it's not how I like it. it's how YOU like it,, there is 101 ways to change a photograph and that's where creativity shines
    And reading your blog this long I know you have no lack in that department
    So you see resolutions are not the solution it's all in your willpower
    So if it's any consolation you have 362 more days to go till 2018
    Don't forget you may want to spend one night in the driveway so you don't forget the things that you did last year????
    if you're going RVing look up (Google )blue beacon truck wash in the state that you're going to be in ( no appointment necessary) and yes they have Mexican workers so you'll be supporting the Mexican economy
    And speaking of Mexico if you're going that way don't forget your passport or pass card
    And brush up on your Spanish today the word is no si'
    I need the purple pharmaceuticals store Si' no Buenas drugstore
    And six dollars for the parking you need to keep the American tribal economy afloat as well
    Ed buenas noches

    1. Ed, do you rent out??? This is EXACTLY what I need ... someone to keep me on my toes so I don't forget stuff!! One night in the driveway with my passport. Got it!! Some great ideas too!