Saturday, January 14, 2017

No Drought In The Desert

This is what it SHOULD look like, but it doesn't.  
There's definitely not a drought in the Southern California desert.  It's been raining day and night since I got here!!  RV rallys can be fun and they can be the pits!!  This one is definitely heading to the pits!!

The rain lasted all night Thursday and into Friday, just in time for our Ice Cream Social.  The Golden Spike group volunteers to provide and distribute ice cream to the masses.  Dodging flooded drains, Dan Chance and I went to set up the social.  The musicians, usually under the easy-up, were kicked out to allow us the use of the big umbrella.  Too bad it wasn't big enough.

We set up the tables and hung the signs, just in time for the Big Boss to decide we should move to the Big Tent.  We loaded up.  The good news is that the ice cream arrived EARLY!!!  Well that's a relief!!

Now in the Big Tent, we waited for tables to be delivered before donning the Insurance Company aprons (they donate to the ice cream budget).  With the sky dumping even more water on us, Dan and I headed off to distribute the bars to various departments.  Dan forded the flooded river in the middle of the fairgrounds like a champ!!

My feet were soaking wet (even with my boots), my jacket and levis were soaked to the skin and my hair .... well we just won't talk about that!!  Water and hairspray are NOT a good mix.  In no time, there were rivers of water INSIDE the Big Tent as vendors scrambled to get their product off the floor.

Where are the pictures you ask?  There are none.  Not one!!  I was so busy setting up and running around, I didn't get any pictures.

When we were finally done, we headed back to our rigs for some rest before dinner at the Fish Market.  It's a hard decision between good fish and a nice big burger at Farmer Brothers!!  I had fish tacos again!!  Messy, but good!!
There WAS a parade on Thursday ... I'll catch up on that tomorrow after I survive today, assuming I survive today!!

Bright and early this morning the big generator that supplies power to 1/3 of the fairgrounds, died.  It must all be because of Friday the 13th!!  I went outside and unplugged my rig and watered the puppies.  About then, Dan Chance and Dan St John realized we had no power.  Being the nice guys we are, we snuck around behind everyone's rig and unplugged them.  There's nothing worse than a big surge of electricity hitting your system when they power back up.    

I got on the phone and called all my contacts.  They sent the electrical crew out immediately.  Seems the generator ran out of DEF fluid, which shuts it down, just like it would my rig.   Hopefully it will be back up in about 30 minutes because I need my coffee.  I could use my generator, but my neighbors like to sleep in.   Here's hoping it all goes a little better today!!

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