Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Continental Breakfast ... Just Like A Hotel!!

I guess I have to admit I'm not Superwoman, although I gave it a shot over the last couple of days, even while feeling puny.  Little did I know there would be a two and a half hour wait in the parking lot, followed by the sweet sounds of a noisy generator and too quickly, Monday morning, which meant breakfast for the troops.

There really wasn't all that much to do.  Bagels, croissants, fruit, breads, cinnamon rolls, mimosas and fruit juice ... a Continental Breakfast to repay their patience.  I finished cutting up the fruit and sliced all the bagels in half while Miss Patty cut up the special breads I brought.  Me being tired and having a sharp knife in my hand probably wasn't the smartest thing to do, but I made it through without even a knick.

When it came time to putting the cinnamon rolls in the oven, I panicked.  I love that Nick and Terry Russell are in Florida.  Every time I'm frantic over something, they are always UP and AWAKE!!  Luckily this time they were not too busy to answer my call for help in reheating those rolls.  I got great advice from Miss Terry and the rolls were a hit!!

In between, I had to unhook my electrical connection, pull in the slides and raise the rig for the oil change and maintenance.  I plugged back in ... unplugged ... started the engine ... unlocked the bay ... all while fixing breakfast.  Luckily it turned out fine!!  Did I remember to take pictures?  NO ... of course not.  I'm a criminal ... I stole this picture Barbara Westerfield posted on Facebook.
Still trying to keep up with the photography list, yesterday's word was sunrise.  Easy enough ... you just saw this image two days ago.
Today was BOOT.  Another easy one for me since I have so many.  It would have been nice to see some really old torn up cowboy boot, but those are all at home.  So here's my second favorite pair of boots on my favorite rug.  I found this rug while in a Nursery and Garden Center in Oregon.  It's guaranteed to suck up all the water on your feet (and your dogs feet) before you enter the house.  It actually lives up to it's name which was something like Absorb.  Don't quote me here, you know my memory isn't what it used to be.  It is extremely easy to wash and made from recycled materials.  Can't get better than that.
With everything put away, we gathered up our Welcome bags and pins before heading out for lunch.  I know .... didn't we just eat?  Dan Chance had visited Firehouse Subs in the little mountain town of Show Low (you'll be familiar with that name if you have read any of Nick Russell's books) and said it was awesome.  I found one 13 miles away.  What else do we have to do, right?  Turns out it was about 18 miles away because there was freeway construction.  

The sandwich was worth it!!  Unlike Subway, this sandwich has MEAT and lots of it!!  If you like fire, there's just about every kind available at the counter.  Look on the back of the bottle for the "Hot" number.

They were ALL a little too hot for MY blood!!  I mean really, why would you put something on your sandwich that had the name Insanity!!
Back at the temporary ranch, Miss Patty and I headed off to where else ..... the quilt store.  There's a beauty in Palm Desert!!  $100 later, we left.  As much as I was going to be conservative, my self control went right out the window!!

We arrived home just in time for Happy Hour, which lasted about 45 minutes for us.  Dan has had a hankering for the Fisherman's Market Grill since we arrived.  I have to include myself in that.  I LOVE their tacos and Patty said the salmon was awesome.  Dan finished the fish and chips in record time. 
We now have our golf cart for running around the fairgrounds.  We were a little late in picking it up, which cost me about 20 hugs to all the men standing around ... even their neighbors got in on the action. With transportation, I'm all set to begin the ice cream odyssey.  Today is my last day to play.   From here on out it's going to nose to the grindstone, with a lot of help from all my RV friends.

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