Thursday, January 5, 2017

It's Magic!!!

Remember that old song by Pilot called MAGIC?  Geez ... now I'll be humming that all day.   I apologize in advance.

The Magic Kingdom was it's normal self, except everyone brought their Christmas money with them.  We didn't have near as many people, but we sold more than enough to bump up the payouts.  Unfortunately, in the two weeks we were on vacation, two players passed away.  No one cared ... they just wanted to get the game started.

On our side of the table, only the Castle Lawyer and I showed up.  That sucks for her, since I won't be back for awhile, so I put a bug in the ears of the men.  Hopefully they will remember to help her out.  With everyone's pockets full of money, they were all in a good mood, making the long line easier to control.

With the worst of the night over, I had a hamburger to celebrate along with hugs from everyone. Before they would let me out the door, I had to promise to return.  I was home by 8:00, exhausted.  I guess I wasn't as well as I thought.

It's my last day to pack and get the house set to leave.  I'll be off for Southern California, and hopefully warmer weather, tomorrow.  Unfortunately, I have to pass over the Sierras on Saturday.  I'm praying for higher temperatures, which will mean NO snow!!

My picture of the day was MAGIC.  That's a pretty hard one.  I suppose eventually I would have come up with something fascinating, but my brain isn't quite back to normal.  So here's my MAGIC.  It's magical that this baby hatched and even more magical that it has survived Dad's feeding of nestovers (leftover pieces from his dinner dropped in the nest) larger than should be, not to mention the pieces of grass and feathers stuck to it.   Mom is much more fastidious.
The other MAGIC in my life is this little boy.  He's pretty dirty since it's been too cold for a bath, and he's definitely in need of a haircut for the warmer temperatures coming.  You can also see he's NOT a happy camper.  There are two things he hates ... baths and haircuts.
Like MAGIC ... he almost disappeared after I shaved two pounds of hair off.  I probably could take him to a groomer, but we've had nothing but trouble there.  He comes back with nicks and cuts ... so we made the groomers magically disappear and I do it myself.  Cooper really doesn't care if it's perfect or not ... which it definitely is NOT.
Like MAGIC, he's a pretty boy again.  I know ... pretty lame MAGIC pictures, but it's all I've got!!
So far I've aired up the Jeep tires, driving it around the block just to be sure the wheels still turn, filled the rig's water tank and checked the battery bank.  Today I'll check the rig tires and finish packing.  I have notes stuck everywhere to remind me of things like "don't forget the bird" and "clean out the fridge".  

The nerves hit last night, making for a restless sleep.  No sleep, actually!!  There's a possibility of snow over Tehachapi.  The other route involves hours and hours of LA freeway driving.   Keep your fingers crossed for me!  Let's hope that MAGICALLY all the bad weather will disappear on Saturday when I drive over the hill.

I'll be on the couch ..... after I finish packing!!


  1. Good job with Cooper. I actually like cutting Skruffy, and even Bubba, but he is less cooperative. I use to worry about how they look, but the last time I did Bubba, he looked better than the last time the groomer did him. Reminds me...about time for another one for Bubba and Skruffy.

    Enjoy your trip, drive safe.

    1. Thank you! I'd much rather have him look bad than hurting.

  2. You will do fine But don't forget your bobsled
    Winds are west to east but I wouldn't wash your RV until you get south of Bakersfield
    Enjoy your trip

    1. Oh I'm hoping the winds stay away. There's a small window of no rain tomorrow and I'm taking it!!