Thursday, January 19, 2017

Hey Lady!!!

I bet just from those two words, you can guess where we went yesterday.  Los Algodones is a really fun place to visit in spite of all the "hey lady" comments, which I don't mind at all.  These people are just trying to make a living in a place where the competition is pretty stiff.  Please give them a break and be nice.

There are shops crammed into every square inch of the rundown buildings, with every square inch of the walls and shelves covered with good stuff.  If I had something other than my already crammed full motorhome, I'd probably go home with a truckload.
Here is a very nice lady on the alley side that we visit every year.  She has some of the best dishware and loads of artwork.  Not a hard sell like the men, she's very friendly and quickly posed for a picture.    I had to immediately put my camera away and use my phone however.  There was just a little too much interest in that big camera and how much it cost me.  
I love this wall that has been handprinted by the kids.  We were rather early this day, so all the stalls covering this wall were not up yet.
If you show any interest in ANYTHING, they immediately latch on with "I'll make you a deal", "cheapest in town" and "you NEED this!"  This year they said they had everything you DID NOT need.  We chatted and laughed with them all the way down the street.  

I think I had eight offers to shine my boots for $4, one by a five year old just learning the business.  Rather sad, don't you think?

If you DO find something you like, NEVER pay full price unless you just want to help their salary for the day.  It's the haggle game down here, trying to get them as low as possible.  If you walk away in the end, they will usually follow you with an offer of a couple dollars less.  I picked up this $28 purse for $20, which probably should have been $15.  The thing is, it's a REALLY cool purse I would have paid  $40 for in the States.
Although it was early, we hit the taco stand for the best shrimp and fish tacos in town.  They have added beefsteak to their menu if you prefer, which they cook right on the grill as you wait.  So simple ... deep fried and placed on a heated tortilla.  You add the cabbage, tomatoes and salsa .... or not.  The little patio in the back is the perfect place to sit and eat, just don't show interest in anything being sold there.  The gentleman was very nice, but persistent!!
YUM YUM!!!  I had already downed one before I remembered to take a picture!!
On the way out, we stopped in at the Purple Pharmacy for meds.  I picked up my Lipitor, a bottle of 100 pills for $13.99.  She wanted to charge me $14.99, but when we said they were cheaper down the street, she gave me the lower price.  That same bottle cost me $175.00 in my home town.  That's a pretty significant savings in my book.  

Do they work?  We'll find out in a couple of months.  I'll start using them now and will have a blood check in 60 days.  I'll let you know how they do.

Always willing to help out the MEN, several pharmacies were giving away viagra FREE!!  That's right guys!!  That four letter word you just love .... FREE!!
With all of our purchases in hand, we got in line for re-entry into the States, which took no time at all.  We felt bad for the women with small children sitting on the concrete begging for change.  Miss Patty said there's probably no child care in Mexico.  Of course this COULD be the child care since everyone else in the household has to work.  I gave them the rest of my change.  The guy in front of us gave them $40 for a carved eagle because she just wouldn't leave him alone!!
The sunset was rather weird, looking like someone had just swiped a brush of paint across the horizon.  Within hours, the rain began to fall on our freshly washed rigs.  RAIN IN YUMA??  Now THAT'S a first for me!!  Showers today and tomorrow they say, but that keeps it nice and cool!
Speaking of showers, mine is going to be in my kitchen sink today.   Isn't that just going to be the most fun?  Then it's off to the Yuma Marketplace for some fleas.


  1. I always get "almost free" when I go to Mexico, or how much you give me?

    1. But they never want what you offer!! LOL It never fails however, I usually find something!!

    2. Thank you for the great visit!! I love spending time with you both. Cindy always motivates me to make more quilts!! Give Penny a hug for me!!