Monday, January 23, 2017


As you can tell, being in the motorhome didn't improve my cooking skills.  These are my most favorite and not inexpensive cheddar cheese bagels.  Burned to a crisp.   I even tried to take a bite, just in case it wasn't really THAT bad.  It was!  And so it went in the trash.  (sigh)
We left beautiful wet and cold Yuma around 10, heading North to Quartzsite under overcast skies.  It didn't rain the entire trip, but there sure were a lot of RV's heading the opposite direction.  Quartzsite has been experiencing the same wet and cold weather.
We passed more fields of beautiful green butter lettuce, some having just been picked.  Dan says during the wintertime, you are probably getting all yours greens from the Yuma area.
Always a landmark, the Proving Grounds still have their two palm trees and two big guns.  If you hear big booms out here, don't worry, it's just testing.
For the first time ever, there is grass along the freeway and throughout areas of the desert.  That gives you a REAL good idea of the amount of rain they have been receiving.  Just as we arrived in Q, my phone rang out another flood warning for Phoenix and this area.  
Here's a sample of the rainy leftovers from the last few days.  There are big ponds of water everywhere.  How weird is that??
We breezed right through the border checkpoint ... although staffed, they were not open for business.
A photographer's dream, the surrounding mountains are purple with majesty.  The good news is that this morning, the stars and moon were shining brightly, meaning no cloud cover, at least for awhile.  That flood warning is from noon today to late in the evening.  We'll see how it pans out.
YAY!!  We made it!  Instead of our usual parking spot, we went East on the Frontage Road.  It's a little noisy from the freeway, but the internet service is MUCH better.
We parked the rigs, then headed off to the Big Tent to make sure my appointment was still a go.   I will have to brave the worst parking lot on the face of the earth for an air dryer change that is overdue.  There was lots of discussion about what to do with the dogs, and myself for that matter.  Seems to me it would be better that I sit inside babysitting the puppies and Jonathan for the two hours it will take.  
Not sure what I'm going to do for two hours in the rig with no television.   Maybe I'll finally get Nick Russell's books read.  

We made a quick run through the big tent, but I'll tell you about that tomorrow.  I've got to pack up and get going.  The early bird gets the worm, and hopefully the first spot in line!!


  1. I laughed when I saw your comment on the Air Dryer. We were at the Freightliner Chassis Factory for training on our Diesel Chassis. The teacher told us about a couple that had been at a previous training class and the wife spent 15 minutes walking around and around the sample chassis they had there. She was very intense and looking all over. The instructor asked what she was looking for. She said she just couldn't figure out where the "Hair Dryer" was on this model that he had been talking about. True story. Jim M

    1. Too funny Jim!! Next time I see the chassis I'm going to take a much closer look!!

  2. Good Luck getting your service issues taken care of.
    We're busy today as well with an Oil Change for the truck. We're at La Posa South, same area as the Blogger-Fest on Saturday. Maybe we can meet up for a Chat or Coffee.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Got the maintenance done, but as always, at a price! I'd love to meet you too, but I'm headed to Tucson first thing tomorrow to get my plumbing issues fixed. Dry camping without a shower has been a challenge, to say the least!!