Saturday, January 28, 2017

Shower WONDERFUL Shower

Yes my shower worked and was WONDERFUL, except I kept it to a minimum since my fresh water tank was almost empty.  Apparently the repair shop used that to do all the drain cleaning.  I finally got my act together yesterday, what with all the stress of big bucks, repair shops and moving around.

I remembered that photo a day I was supposed to be doing, so I thought I would try to get back to it.   Today's subject was low angle.  That was pretty simple since I'm on a little hill.  If you saw the road coming in, you would wonder how I got here, and more importantly, how I'm going to get OUT!!  I'm parked at the Last Chance Ranch in Vail Arizona and loving every minute of it!!
With my shower quickly over, it was time to give my clothes the same consideration.  Patty and Dan are the best hosts ever and let me have the run of their house and their new washing machine.  While Patty ran errands, I played with the kitties in between doing the ever popular LAUNDRY.  Isn't Missy a beauty??  She was rescued from somewhere up in Idaho I think and now lives the life of luxury.
My rig soon became beautifully decorated with all my hanging shirts and levis.  Nothing goes in the dryer.  If they shrink a fraction of an inch, they won't fit any more!!
When Patty returned, we headed off to Phyllis'.  Actually called Cactus Quilts, or maybe Cactus Fabric .... Cactus something ....  THIS is a quilters dream.  When I first entered this building, there was barely enough room to walk around, and three huge containers out front, all full to the brim.  No matter what you wanted, you could find it here.  Unfortunately, Phyllis passed away and the family is selling off everything at crazy prices.  Today's sale was 50% off, 70% if you finished off a bolt.

Think quilt BACKING.  Those quilt backs require anywhere from three to seven yards of fabric ..... at 70% off!!  Once I got "quilt" out of my head and started looking for backing, I found exactly what I needed.  Almost anyway.  The top fabric here had been picked up by someone else.  RATS!!  We waited around and waited around .... she kept saying she wasn't in any hurry, and spent a LOT of time just chit chatting with one of the girls, while I kept giving her mental signals to HURRY UP.  

It was the last fabric she had cut and when she said seven yards, I knew I was out of luck.  DOUBLE RATS!!  In the end, the saleslady said there was three yards left.  Not enough for the backing I wanted, but I took it anyway because it was 70% off.  In the end, I picked up 20 yards of fabric for $60.  It normally would have cost me $220-$240.  I may just have to make one more trip!!  Actually, I KNOW I'll make at least one more trip!!
Chef Patty made another delicious dinner.  Yes, I'm writing down all her recipes, not that it will help me, but you never know.  I could actually produce something edible!!  

I was able to fill my water tank and keep the ice and cold at bay with my gas heater, supplemented by my new little heater and an electric blanket.  Enough cannot be said about electric blankets!!  

Today Dan takes off for their small cabin up in Show Low in the White Mountains where it is 11 degrees.  Have fun Dan ... we will be holding down the fort today at a windy 56 (feels like 25).  Hopefully it really does heat up to 70 this week as predicted.  Time for the girls to go shopping, but don't tell Dan!!


  1. WOW, even the air in Florida smells a bit sweeter today! {wink} Can't believe the amount of your bill for that glue job. Seems like a lot of labor for a straight forward fix despite the removal of insulation to get to it. I SURE HOPE they sprayed new insulation in there to replace what they removed.

    1. Labor - $149/hour. And I had the nerve to gripe about my truck repair labor at $59/hour. Yes, they replaced everything, including the foam insulation. At least I know I kept that guy's family fed for the month!!

  2. 2 Jack leveling Springs on eBay were anywhere from $20-$60 a pair
    So when it comes time to replace the other side just buy them off of eBay and have a garage mechanic install them, take them less than half an hour
    So the long story short it was somewhat plugged up COOL

    1. Good idea Ed, except that was the only part the insurance DID cover. I'm going to have them replace the next set "just because". LOL