Saturday, January 21, 2017

Perfect Yuma Weather

I'm kidding of course.  It was cold, windy and raining all day yesterday.  The perfect day to sit inside where it's toasty warm and watch the Presidential Inauguration.  I know everyone isn't happy about that, so I'll be brief.  But first, an update on the baby eagle.

The Eaglecam is back on and he has grown HUGE!!  Mom and Dad have kept up a supply of dead creatures (mostly birds) to keep him fed.  Although he has tried to stand up, that's not happening since his legs are too small to hold his weight.
He has been spreading his wings and preening a lot however, as Mom keeps a watchful eye from a nearby branch.  I'm guessing those new feathers are bothersome as he picks at them a lot like he's doing here.   As you can see, the second egg did not hatch.
With all the talk of the eaglecam, Jonathan has been feeling left out and insisted I post his picture.  He thinks he's just as beautiful as the baby eagle and wants equal time.  He's chortling and disco-ing as I type.  Yes Jon, you're a PRETTY BOY!! 
He specifically said to give a shout out to his favorite Nick Russell, so here you go!!
To pass the day, I watched the inauguration festivities on television.  I've never had the least bit of interest previously.  Politics aren't my thing AT ALL.  What with all the controversy though, I decided to watch for the first time ever.  First off, I would like to say NBC and CNN are terrible networks in my book.  They had nothing but negativity to say.  Aren't Newsmen (and women) supposed to report the news without taking sides?
PLEASE everyone ... why can't we just work together??  I know there are going to be some changes that many people won't like.  There were many changes over the last eight years that people didn't like either, but I don't remember throwing rocks, starting fires and looting businesses.  Good grief!!
The MAIN reason I watched all day, other than to stay out of the 30+ mph winds and rain in sunny, warm Arizona, was to catch these guys in the parade.  This is my own Sheriff Vern Warnke and the Posse.  They were the only group from California to appear in the inauguration parade.  I was very PROUD!!
That's Vern on the left.  We have become good cooking buddies at the Elks, although he outshines me at every step.  This man can barbecue like you can't believe!!  Besides that, he's the best Sheriff we've had in thirty years.  I wish the images were better, but since CNN chose NOT to show them on television, I stole them from a video of a video!!
It cost these guys $17,000 to hire two tractor trailer rigs to haul their horses and gear, not to mention all the hotel bills.  They held fundraisers at the Elks, whose members donated generously so they could attend.  NO county funds were spent on this trip.  It was all out of generous donors pockets.  
It's been so ugly here that when my electric heater broke, we drove to Lowes for a replacement.  It's not as good as my old one, but it works.  The first morning I got up it was 75 degrees inside.  Boy that electric bill when I leave is going to be HIGH!  No, it's not included in the park cost, it's extra.
I forgot to mention while at the Marketplace, we ran into Ray and Cindy Warner, who have become good RV friends.  We first met them in Oregon when Dan Chance was writing his blog.  We met up for lunch one day and have kept in contact ever since.  

They purchased the best house in their RV subdivision and now spend their winters not in snowy Utah, but in windy rainy Yuma!!  Ha!!  Cindy is an avid quilter and always inspires me to try more complicated things.  This time she showed me all the embroidery work she has been doing on her machine.  What a talented gal!!  Her quilts are fabulous!  Ray doesn't just sit around either, he does all the quilting and of course carries their puppy Penny around.  She's not spoiled or anything.  I had a great time playing with her and visiting.  You just meet the nicest people when RV'ing.

Lastly, here's a quick picture for my Golden Spike friends.  This is the Swanton Railroad track in Santa Cruz we just visited a few months ago.  All the rain made the creek rise, resulting in loss of track.  They've already got volunteers ready to start repairs, so it should be fixed in no time.
The wind is still up this morning to 18 mph and will get even worse as the day goes on, but at least there's no rain in the forecast.  I'm hoping it ALL quits by tomorrow when we move on down the road, or rather UP the road, to Quartzsite.  I'm praying for SUN!!


  1. We watched the ceremony, then when the talking heads started to talk, we turned it to another channel. However, Marcia watched the parade over the Internet and said, "Hey, here is a horse group from Merced California!" I figured you would know them...didn't know it would be such a close connection though. They sure looked good.

    1. Yeah! I'm glad Marcia caught them. They are a great bunch of guys!!

  2. FYI there was plenty of angst and protest when Obama took office.
    I enjoy reading your posts about RVing, less about politics.

    1. Hi Yvette ... I'm really not so much about politics. I'm glad that's over with. Hoping we can return to some kind of normalcy.