Tuesday, January 17, 2017

DOWN THE DRAIN ..... or not!!

Here we are camped out at Adobe Sunset RV Park.  When I say "camped" I mean on very large sites with 50 amp full hookups.  The only downside is you pay for electricity separately from the $153 for seven days.  Not a big deal really since I think last year I only paid $40.
I'm pretty sure you already know what this drain picture is saying.  I wanted to take a nice long hot shower, but it only lasted until the water was two inches deep.  That's a BIG uh oh!!  Good thing I was done!  I went about my normal routine with little improvement.  

I borrowed Dan's mini snake, but it hit a turn in the road too sharp for it to pass.   NOW what do I do??   I went outside to see if there was any way into the drain area, only to be met with a solid wall.  It was then I discovered the REAL problem.  There was water coming from under the wheel well dripping on the ground, which probably means a broken line.   I think it's time to call Tiffin.

I had a very interesting talk with Dusty.  You know I just LOVE their accents, but I could barely get a word out of this old boy.  "Yup ... you got a problem".  Why thank you for your insight Dusty ... you've helped tremendously!  In the meantime, the water finally disappeared.  At least some of it is actually going down the drain, making the problem even more weird.

I decided to try again in the hopes of finding a local repair shop since La Mesa RV Yuma is closed down for good, not that I would go there anyway.  They were HORRIBLE at repairs.  This time I got Tim, who was much more informative.  He told me how to get that big panel off the rig to uncover the problem.  I carried on the conversation much longer than necessary just so I could listen to his voice.  Those Southern drawls are just fabulous!!

In the end, the decision was made for me to head back to Tucson in ten days for an appointment at that La Mesa repair shop (love that place) to get it fixed.  In the meantime, I've offered anyone coming within ten feet of me a clothespin for their nose, since my shower is incapacitated.    It's going to be spit baths for me, although I think the RV park does have showers available.  That wig is probably going to come in VERY handy!!  By the way, I was told my selfie wasn't the best, that the wig is much cuter in person, so you may see a better picture later on.
In the meantime, to sooth my wounded wallet (or should I say credit card) from the repair bills, Patty and I went to Grandma Jo's fabric shop.  I figured I might as well warm up the card a little.  They have the largest selection of southwest prints I've ever seen.
This fabric actually came from the one little shop in Indio.  I conveniently forgot to mention it, mostly because I was so busy.  
Here's an update on the baby eagle.  I'm glad I got this image since their video has been shut down.  I was hoping it would stay until the babies were grown, but for whatever reason, it's gone.  From about the third day the baby slept outside but up against the parent's chest.  He's grown a LOT in this nighttime picture and is probably twice that size by now.
I guess I'm not going to get much rest this week.  We have to make a return trip to Grandma Jo's because I forgot to take a picture of the wall hanging I purchased so I know which fabric to put where.  The BOYS are coming to wash and wax our rigs and cars this morning, which will be followed early tomorrow by Los Algodones and the Yuma Flea Market on Thursday.  Maybe I can find some cheap perfume!!

Now to see if maybe I can fit in the kitchen sink!!


  1. Replies

    1. Tiffin is now using something called a Hepvo trap in place of the P-trap in at least some showers, especially in rear bath coaches. The Hepvo trap takes up less room than a P-trap. They are also using them on the kitchen sinks, which makes for more under the sink storage.
      It appears to be a pretty good system however there are some complaints on the RV forum

    2. That's interesting. Wonder if that's my problem?

  2. When we used to spend weekends at a cabin with no running water, as we left my friend would splash on what she called "smell well."

    1. That's the stuff Linda!! I'm almost out, so I better hit the store.