Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Good Wash 'N Wax

Everyone with a motorhome knows what THAT means.  We come to Yuma to have our rigs cleaned till they are bright and shiny.  Dan made an appointment with Benjamin's for 11:00, which came and went.  Twenty one phone calls later (it seems they don't bother listening to messages on their phone) the guy said he made a mistake and would have two crews here in no time.

About an hour later the first guys showed up, set up their Musica and went about washing my rig.  It was pretty dirty, what with all the oxidation from the white roof streaming over the black paint all around the top.  I enjoyed their work ethic, singing at the top of their lungs while washing away.

I had quite a bit of extra work done on mine.  They used a cleaner and buffed the roof to remove the oxidation, then waxed it.  My job is now to KEEP it waxed more often than not at all, my current routine.

Once that was done, they washed and waxed my car for an extra $15.  Just to wash and wax the rig would have been $99.  In total, my bill came to $215, to which I added an extra $20.  It was then that I grabbed my biggest spoon from the drawer and set about resetting the three pieces of decorator concrete brick they had removed with the hoses.  There's no use getting kicked out of our RV park on the second day.
While wandering around we discovered Miss Snoopy kitty getting a little sun.  By little, I mean just her nose and the tips of her toes were sticking out under the curtain!!
Once my car was done, Patty and I headed back to the quilt shop.  After reviewing all my purchases, I discovered I had no idea what color went where ... and there are no patterns for the two small wall hangings I purchased.  With pictures in my phone, I happened by the black and white section of material ..... and what should magically appear?  The backing for the quilt I purchased in Indio.

Of course I had no idea how much to get, so I called Monica's Quilt Shop and the guy was nice enough to check it out for me.  Five yards later, and with a much lighter wallet, we headed back home.
Dan made his famous stew for dinner, after which I and the puppies collapsed on the couch.  They were pretty exhausted after being scared to death with all that racket up on the roof.   It was funny that Cooper didn't care that much, but Jessie went ballistic and never stopping shaking.
Today we head off to Los Algodones early, hoping to beat the crowds.  For once I have absolutely nothing I'm looking for besides my new cholesterol meds.  I'm pretty sure I can get them cheaper than $175 a bottle.  To top off the day, we'll have shrimp tacos for lunch!!  What could be better???


  1. Back at your home ,, didn't your weather get down to freezing at times ???

    1. Oh yeah ... it gets down around the 30's most of the winter. I'm SO happy to be in the 60's here in Arizona!!

  2. That's probably why the pipe Leaks from freezing ??

    1. I keep my rig heated in the winter to about 40 degrees, so it shouldn't break the pipes ... even the bays are heated.