Friday, January 20, 2017

Going To The Dogs

For all the dog lovers out there, Yuma is the place to go and see some, because every day is "take your dog to work day".  There are three Flea Markets of sort in Yuma and our plan was to hit all of them yesterday.  These pictures came from the Indoor Market that moved to Pacific Street next to Walmart.

This baby had her own bed, blanket and fenced in area.  What a happy puppy ... she was wiggling around for everyone that came by, just so she could get a pet.
Her strategy worked as you can tell.  Mr. Chance couldn't resist.  Unfortunately, most of the vendors disappeared with the big move and there's not much to see here any more.  This book shop and the quilting lady are still here however, along with a guy who has an amazing variety of guitars if you're looking for one.
This little guy was sleeping while his boss was away.  He could use a little larger chair ... or maybe a pillow!!
We couldn't come to Yuma without hitting the Yuma Marketplace.  It seems the economy around here has diminished, maybe in part to the dropping in value of the Canadian dollar.  Apparently many did not make the trip this year.  This food court is usually crammed full of people.  I admit it is a little early (10:00) and between the overcast skies and the wind, it's freezing cold.  I imagine most people decided to stay inside.  

There were lots of dogs here too, mostly in carriers of some sort.  If you are looking for a dog carriage, you'll find it here!
This vendor had an amazing variety of beautiful chatchkeys.  Try as I might, that $15 just wouldn't stay in my wallet.  
Very well made of reeds and grasses, this bowl's design just caught my eye.  It will probably catch all the junk on the dash for awhile, or maybe I'll hang it on the wall.  I can tell you one thing, it smells wonderfully of dry grass.
Of course I left all three of my small wallets at home, so for $5 I got this tri-fold.  It's even got a secret pocket for my mad money and a small coin pocket.  
Lastly, I found this Barbara purse, because Barbara Westerfield has tons of small purses to match every outfit.  I really like Barbara purses so I'm not digging in my backpack for money.  This one was a little pricey at $20, but it actually has FIVE pockets and is larger than it looks.  Thanks Barbara!!
The last Yuma Swap Meet we went to was a bust.  Trust me, there's probably nothing you will want there, unless colorful skimpy underwear is your thing.  We left after 2-1/2 minutes.  

Lunch at Cracker Barrel went by in a flash.  The service was fast and the food good as usual.  So fast in fact that Patty and I didn't even have time to shop!  I think Dan called ahead.

I'm not sure what is on the schedule today other than watching the inauguration of President Trump.  Grandma Jo's has been calling my name, getting louder by the hour, so I may have to make just one more trip.    I think our other big foray for the day is to the grocery store.  YES!!  It's ice cream time!!


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    1. Thank you Jan ... it's pretty different from what I usually see.

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    1. Yup ... going there Sunday. Early Monday I have an appointment with Redlands, then it's play time.

  3. You don't need a place for your mad money, you already spent it. Watch how much you buy, there is a weight limit on the RV. Is it possible that when the temps went down back home that the trap froze on your shower and the freezing broke a pipe. The only way it should be leaking is if the pipe is broken, it is overflowing through a hole or leak in the system because you tanks are full, or you have a clog that is keeping the water from getting into the tank and leaking out through the same hole above the clog. I am surprised Mr. Dan Chance hasn't diagnosed and fixed the problem by now. For the 87th time give or take, great pictures. Jim M

    1. You're right Jim ... I DO spend it!! One of these days I should have my rig weighed!!

      I keep the heat on in my rig to about 40 degrees when home so nothing SHOULD have frozen and my tanks are definitely empty. Dan and I discussed taking the panel off, but no telling what we would find that we may or may NOT be able to fix, not to mention ordering parts, etc. I'm hoping it's covered under my extended warranty (maybe wishful thinking) so I'm giving that a shot first.

      Thank you, thank you .... I LOVE taking pictures!!