Monday, January 16, 2017

Who Is THAT?

The Indio Rally is finally over.  That's not a bad thing, since I need some rest and recreation.  This year to combat the weather, whether sun or rain, the men brought their easy-ups.  We actually had six of them so our entire party area was under over.  Unfortunately you have to take them all down.  Four of us were up early trying to decide who owned what.  In the end, the owners finally collected their wine, two dirty plates and some stale crackers.

Time to clean the fairgrounds.  With six golf carts and six wild and crazy drivers, we fanned out over the grounds.  It seems THIS group of rally goers picked up after themselves pretty well.  Remember, if you drop that candy wrapper, SOMEONE has to pick it up.  Please let it be YOU!!
Who is that?  The girls got quite a kick out of a new vendor supplying wigs for their bad hair days and their husband's entertainment.    You could quickly become a sultry redhead or a platinum blond.  Can you tell which lady has the wig?  Several of our gals purchased an entire new look.
And who is this?  Yup ... I got in on the fun too.  Now I can go to town incognito.  Maybe the blond will attract a new man in my life.  I won't hold my breath!!
With everything picked up at the fairgrounds, it was time to head off a little South of the sunset.  After hooking up, I went inside to a little MORE cleanup.  That darn COOPER!!  He like to hide his ball under things, then dig it out.  Unfortunately he dug a little too hard and ripped the guts from Miss Jessie's bed.  I just turned it back over ... Jessie will never know.
We passed by the Salton Sea, in a roller coaster ride of big bumps and even bigger slumps.  The highway has settled badly, making for a few scary moments when I'm sure my rig was completely in the air.  In a few short hours, having passed through miles of construction on Hwy 8 (it's a good thing because they are finally replacing those MILES of horrible highway) we landed in Yuma. 

After fueling up at Flying J and doing the hokey pokey square dance to get propane (I was on empty) we headed straight for our week long parking spot.

The weather couldn't be better!!  Last night was a cool 45 and the expected high is 63.  I never can remember the name of the place we are staying, but the spaces are far apart and it's VERY quiet.  I didn't hear that generator all night, even though I was awake for most of it.  I think it was the time change.  I'll get another shot at it tonight.

Dinner was our favorite Cracker Barrel.  I thought I ordered the Sunday chicken dinner.  The waitress said she heard chicken fried chicken.  Does that sound the same to you?  Yeah, me neither.  You know how you have a hankering for something and you get something else?  It just didn't sit well, but I ate the chicken fried chicken anyway.  Maybe if she didn't pay so much attention to the pound of makeup on her eyelashes, she might have been able to hear better.  Anyway, the food is always good and inexpensive.  

We got back just in time to watch Green Bay beat the Cowboys.  What a game THAT was!!!  Good grief!!  It's amazing what they can do in the 60 seconds of a game!!  I tried with all my might to sleep after that, but it wasn't happening.  It's okay though, because today we hit the RV SUPER STORE!!!  Motorhome heaven!!  There will always be time to sleep.


  1. A real quick question your post on GJ on unlimited cell Service
    Is there unlimited grandfather data less than $60 a month ??

    1. Probably not less than $60. After 15 some years mine was raised to $70

  2. Let me get this straight you lock the front door to the house you jumped in The RV and headed south,,,,,,you're looking at the picture all wrong,
    you lock the front door you're on vacation,, therefore it's called constructive entertainment
    Now as for hairdo maybe ruPaul El-vira or Cher ???

    1. Constructive entertainment ..... okay then!! I was told the wig was MUCH better looking than the selfie I took. Maybe I'll post another picture soon.