Sunday, January 15, 2017


I don't always look forward to the end of a rally, but this week has been taxing ... between electrical problems, the rain and someone telling half our group to shut down the ice cream giveaway 45 minutes early, it's been a FUN week!!  Here's some of our group for our annual picture.  I'll have to photoshop in the rest!!
The Beach Party parade that took place on Thursday wasn't looking good weather wise.  There also weren't many spectators because most everyone was IN the parade.
Before we knew it, they were OFF!!
One of the big deals about this parade of stars is the candy they throw at us as they move along.  There were York peppermint patties, snickers ... a huge array of candy.  Let me be the first to tell you that when a Three Musketeer bar has been run over by a golf cart, it becomes hard as a rock and isn't fit to eat.  That's experience talking here.
The ladies were all in their bikinis ... I think most everyone in the parade had these long shirts on ... even the men.  Check out those abs!!
Most all of the pooches were sea creatures, from crabs to octopus to clams.  
Except for these two babies who got to ride in their limo.
Here's our own two celebrities ... Betty and Kurt Simon, members of our group.  Kurt is the new Treasurer for Western Motorhome Association, FMCA.  At least we have an "in" with the big bosses.
The ice cream social didn't get by without it's problems, even though it was sunny.  I guess it was a carryover from Friday the 13th.  While I was delivering boxes of ice cream to the vendors and other volunteer groups, someone told my first two tables to shut down at 12:30.  Being the nice people they are, that's exactly what they did.  The tables were immediately confiscated by the Dog Show group.

WAIT!!  We have to give out ice cream from noon to 1:15.  It's 12:30!!  When people saw the dog show, they thought the ice cream was gone.  Even the sign guy came and took our signs down.  Good grief!!!  This means I have to attend the "grump grump" meeting this morning for the first time ever.  

Still not done, our group will clean the entire fairgrounds this morning before we head out the gate.  We're going to make short work of it so Patty, Dan and I can make a quick trip to Yuma.  Cracker Barrel is calling our names!!

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