Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday The Thirteenth!!

You know this day wouldn't let me get by unscathed, right?  In fact, it started Wednesday, just for fun.  I came back from the Chapter Fair to find my rig into the 90's and no air conditioning.  In fact, no power!  I immediately took the dogs outside and yelled to my Go-To Dan Chance to PLEASE HELP!!

In no time, he and my neighbor discovered someone had apparently stepped on my power cord next to the control box and dislodged it enough for my Energy Management System to shut down due to low voltage.  Thankfully in no time I was back online and Jonathan was feeling cool breezes through his cage.    With this many rigs, there are bound to be electrical problems.

In the meantime, here are the OTHER Kitty pictures I promised. This adorable cougar, or mountain lion, was chewing on a knuckle of something big ... cow I assume.
Just like a kitty cat, she licked and chewed for some time while we watched.  These images have a little "cast" to them ... I was taking pictures through thick glass.  Isn't she a beauty??
She finally stood up for her full length shot .... nice kitty kitty.
Then walked straight at me for her closeup.  I crouched down and thought I was in heaven.  This baby came right up to the glass before turning around and heading for the back corner.
Like all good kitties, she spent a few minutes cleaning her paws and mouth after eating.  I could stand here all day long.  
We all could tell she was going to jump up to the highest ledge, like the Chance kitty Snoopy who jumps to the top of their shower enclosure.  Try as I might, she was in dark shade, then bright sunshine, so the image is not a good one.  Once up on top, she settled in soaking up the sunshine.  What a beautiful baby.
Our second Golden Spike breakfast cooked by the men on Thursday consisted of pancakes and sausage, fruit and juice, along with some yummy freezer jam.  The guys did a wonderful job, although there was pancake batter everywhere!!  

I expected to start at 8:00, but by 7:00, Mr. Chance was knocking on my door.  He and Ken Carnes spent the first hour cooking up Farmer John sausage ... and might I say they did an excellent job.

I only stuck my nose in their business once to say that was all the batter, and maybe, just MAYBE it should be a little thinner than the oatmeal consistency it had, to make it go farther.  Cleanup was another story, but Dan took all the ugly stuff to the restroom for a bath so it didn't end up in my holding tank.
This is going to be a tradition from now on .... the women had an excellent time sitting around drinking coffee doing absolutely NOTHING!!
The other tradition we seem to have acquired is RAIN!!  Last night we had a pizza party where everyone got to know everyone very well.  All 38 of us were stuffed under the easy-ups trying to stay dry.  That was nothing however, compared to the rain that has been hitting us since about 4:00 am.  What happened to the sun in Southern California?  

It looks like it will continue on and off all day, which doesn't bode well for the Ice Cream distribution to take place at noon.  It won't slow down the recipients of the FREE ice cream bar, but it will put a big damper on my poor group who has to stand in it for an hour!!  I think we'll have the men hold umbrellas over the women while they do the distribution.  I'm wearing a hat, so I'll be incognito!!  COME AND GET IT!  FREE ICE CREAM!!


  1. So much for the California drought...especially up north, officially over in NorCal...finally.

    1. And so much for the Indio drought!! It's been raining in the desert since I got here!!

    2. How is Jerry going to control people now without the drought to hold over their heads??? And how many water municipalities will decrease their water rates now that there is plenty of water??? (my guess, zero)

    3. I'm pretty sure there will be no rate decreases, like you said. Hopefully the farmers won't have to pay as much for water though ... they could use a break!