Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Quartzsite Fleas

There were more dark clouds on the horizon, but by morning it was clear as a bell and a little chilly at 37 degrees.  It was time to see some Quartzsite fleas.  There are two big market areas here, Tyson Wells to one side of the Big Tent with rows A - Z and Rice Ranch, sort of the low rent district.
Along the Frontage Road North is another long section of vendors with a lot of junk.  I know, one man's junk is another man's treasure, especially since Dan overheard one of the vendors say that box of junky old wrenches had a price tag of $2,000!  Yikes!!  They must be made of GOLD!  In the past, he had quite a few pieces of cast iron I looked at, but they were all gone this time around.

This lot belongs to the Cranky Lady.  We've stopped in here every year and just to let you know, she does NOT come off her prices.  It IS what it is!!  This year her husband was prowling the grounds.  We didn't even ask the price of anything!!  Those that had signs were too much for our blood!!
As with all these flea markets, there are lots of dogs.  This baby was waddling around sweet as could be.  I got a little too close to one bulldog and got majorly slimed, so I kept my distance from this one.
Although these look like ceramic dogs, they are actually real (and hard to see).  They sit here all day while Dad sells hats for dogs.  Each one, of course, wearing a different variety.  What good babies to just lay there!!
Here's a FIND!!  I almost went for it because it's going to be worth a LOT with PRESIDENT Trump being in the White House.  One game came from 1989 ... an antique for sure!  PLUS they were in the original plastic wrapping!!
While snooping around another vendor we see every year, we found more cast iron that interested me.  This is a Wagner Ware chicken fryer.  It's pretty hard to find Wagner Ware anywhere, let alone a chicken fryer in good condition for $85.  With a little haggling, I got it for $60 ... a very good buy in my book.  
You can actually buy cactus in the desert ... really, I thought you could just go out and dig some up, but maybe not.  This particular vendor has some great looking, well cared for plants.  
By now, Silly Al's was calling our name.  Dan had the great idea of getting a big pizza "to go" for dinner around our campfire.  If you ever come to Quartzsite, stop in here, but go early or late.  This place is the busiest in town with the best pizza in the State of Arizona.  Okay, maybe not the BEST, but it's REALLY good!!
Dan ordered a large combo and I a large pepperoni special (think leftovers).  About 30 minutes later, they brought out the first one the size of Maine!!  Everyone's eyes got REAL big!!  That must not be ours ... we ordered a large.  The waitress checked her order sheet and said YOU ORDERED A COLOSSAL.  I have it written right here.  If it's written, then that's what you ordered.  Never one to turn down extra pizza, Dan said "okay then" .......
Mine was a little more manageable.  Ten minutes later the waitress came back and said it was the kitchen that made the mistake.  Her computer terminal did say LARGE.  Lucky for Dan, he only paid the large price.  Instead of getting it to go, we ate some at the restaurant.  Now they will have pizza for dinner with some left over for breakfast!!  Way to go Dan!!
The last stop of the shopping day was Reader's Oasis Books, where a book signing was happening with some of Nick Russell's writing friends.  The Naturalist Mr. Winer was not in attendance on this day.  It would have been R-Rated and I couldn't show his picture anyway.  He's a natural kind of guy who doesn't wear clothes.  Maybe a sock ..... I'll leave that to your imagination .... and you would be correct.
Once the leftover pizza was safely in the fridge, we wandered out to Boomerville where friends Barbara and Tom Westerfield were spending the week.  I know I should be taking pictures of them, but sweet little Pansy was getting affection from everyone, so you know me, I took her picture.  
Our short visit to Quartzsite has quickly come to an end, as we head on down the road to Tucson today.  I have ANOTHER appointment to fix my shower plumbing and a jack that doesn't quite want to stay up.  Since I'm still under extended warranty, I'm trying to get everything I can fixed on this trip.

I'll leave you with this picture of our campfire last night.  Patty and I fixed smores and I overindulged in sugar just before bed.  That was probably a mistake.  What a great way to end a beautiful sunny day, even if it was only 60 degrees!!


  1. When we went to Reader's Oasis he was on the other side of a counter in a coat. We had newbies with us and I was disappointed until he stepped around the counter. Apparently if you keep the top half warm, the bottom half doesn't need anything.

    1. That's too funny Jan!! Glad the newbies got the full picture!!