Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Here Kitty, Kitty, KITTY!!

Have I got some kitties for YOU!!  Patty, Dan and I headed off to the Living Desert in Palm Dessert yesterday for the best day of shooting I've had in a long time.  Shooting pictures that is!!

Don't you just LOVE the digital camera age?  I really try hard not to take thousands of images I'll never use, but it was hard to stay on track.  I think there were upwards of 200 of these beautiful Cheetahs.  They have three young females that live in an amazing habitat, wide enough for them to stretch their legs as they run from one side to the other for some tasty meat.  

Not that they run their normal 70 mph, but a jog of around 25, giving you some idea of how they use their bodies to get the nutrition they need.
Magnificent .... graceful .... elegant .... just amazing creatures.
I also tried really hard to keep the number of images I show you to a minimum.  Not that I'm such a great photographer, but they are spectacular animals to photograph.  It's hard to pick the good ones.
They kept a pretty sharp eye on things as 11:15 rolled around.  This huge park has "talks" about different animals so you can gather a little more information and maybe join in the conservation.
I'm not even going to say anything more .... I just like looking at the pictures!!

Errrrrrtttttt!!  She came to a screeching stop when the gal giving the talk threw some meat chunks into the grass for the girls to snack on.  These three weigh between 92 and 106 pounds, every bit of it muscle.  I wish I could say the same!!
After a little exercise and a snack, they head back to rest up for the day.  Boy am I glad we got there in time to see these beauties move around.  
There's so much more to see at the Living Desert.  I'll show you pictures over the next couple of days.  Be sure and check it out if you are in the area.  $17.95 buys a senior ticket for everything except the butterfly building (another couple bucks) and the camel rides, because I KNOW you want to ride the camels.  Wear your tennis shoes .... there's LOTS of walking involved.  They do have a tram that you can ride all day if you wish for $6.00.  We walked.  They also have the largest garden railroad setup I've ever seen.  It must cover at least 2 acres with the longest trestle in the U.S., maybe the world.  

The word of the day was SOFT.  I bet those kitties are REAL soft!!

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