Saturday, January 11, 2020


Here's our little group, all ready to meet the onslaught of ice cream aficionados.  We cleaned out one members Jeep Cherokee and headed off to Costco.  Their Kirkland ice cream bars are VERY good, with an amazing price of $9.49 for a box of 18.  That's 52 cents each.
I was definitely a happy camper when Matt the Manager was found.  He wheeled out a huge pallet full of 122 boxes, down from 144 last year.  Back at the fairgrounds, we loaded them into this lovely freezer.  Yup .. all 122 boxes!!  Too bad we had a 45 minute wait or we could have just dispensed them out of the Jeep.
At the appointed hour, we loaded them back UP into the Jeep for the 100 yard drive to the brick wall. This is the place to be on Friday.  I had double checked the location to be sure our tables were delivered, along with the required trash cans.  Wasn't I surprised to find one table had run away and there were NO trash cans.  

In a flurry of excitement and ingenuity, we stole one from the RV's down the block.  At least it was enough for our small crowd of around 1100 people.
The ladies passed out the goods, listening to crazy stories about why they needed TWO bars.  My wife has diabetes and she can't get out of the RV.  I'm taking one to my Aunt back in the RV.  One guy thinking he was like James Bond, went sneaking back and forth between the tables picking up FOUR!!  He was finally caught.  I mean really, he probably owns a million dollar rig and he's cheating the one-per-person rule for a 50 cent ice cream bar.
While the women handled the crowd, the men held up the wall.  They did eventually run ice cream boxes to the far side of the grassy knoll.
One day down, one day to go.  We headed back to Smart and Final for the final purchase of 60 gallons of vanilla, to be scooped today.  I only purchased enough to feed the number who got bars.  No worries if we run out, we have ten boxes of bars left!!  One bar smothered in chocolate and caramel sauce sounds pretty good to me!

In the meantime, my insurance company called asking for a picture of the crack.  I sent it to them, but have not heard back.  Tattoo Man (he's covered from the top of his head to his ankles) from the Glass Company said they will replace my windshield this afternoon.  They are out of Phoenix, here with two crews and are doing five others on the same day.  A preferred installer I'm told.  

And so another day begins .........


  1. Always the ones with the most wanting more for nothing.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your second day.

    It's about time.

  2. Those ice cream bars are a great idea and I'm sure you're thankful for Costco at times like that.
    Glad you are getting the crack fixed pronto. We had a Tattoo man back in our working town. His name was Snake. looked fierce but as nice as could be. :)

    1. That's this guy. He has a spider web covering his head, going clear down over his ears. OUCH!

  3. That's a lot of ice cream! Sounds like you have everything under control and running smoothly. And it appears you have enough help.

    1. It went very well. I'm proud to know these people who help me every year.

  4. That is a lot of ice cream! Hope the windshield issue goes smoothly.