Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Cramming 20 Hours Into 16

I never stopped yesterday.  Those pictures you see where the background is all blurred?  That was me.  I've got friends here I'm determined to see, so I finally made up a calendar.  Surprisingly, it's full!!

It started out with a nice cup of coffee and my babies at 4:00 again.  The time is messing with the three of us a little.  I actually had to wake THEM up!!
Then it was off to the laundry room.  Lucky I got there very early, even after getting lost.  This place is huge with more craft, sewing, pottery, exercise and pool rooms than you can count.  It was sparkling clean, so I threw in my load and set it to GO.  In the meantime, I chatted with the locals.  This is a beautiful upscale park with many owners versus us renters, and unlike some parks, they all engaged me in conversation like I was a family member. 
With the laundry washed, I headed back to hang everything from the rafters to dry.  My washer is giving me an error code.  Another thing to work on.  Then it was off to look at a gorgeous house for sale just down the street from the Warners.  It's a 2 bedroom 2 bath magnificently decorated home for $300,000 with everything included, furniture and all.  I can't tell you how tempted I am!!

Then Cindy and I headed off to the fabric store for a quick look see.  She came up with something immediately because she can pick colors like a pro.  I take an hour or two.  I'll head back later on.  In the meantime, I extended my stay one more day in order to hit the Yuma Marketplace Thursday.

Whew!  I'm getting tired!!  I needed groceries, but it was getting on in the afternoon and I wanted to be sure and visit the Richards suite out at Pilot Knob.  I thought I blew it for two reasons.  I didn't realize it was so far, and when I crossed back into California, I thought I was an hour early.  Come to find out, they stay on Arizona time.
I love these Canadians, traveling with and meeting up with several others along their route.  Higgins, the puppy barely visible under Bob's feet, along with his wife Jo-Anne, Patsy (taking the picture), Bill and I.  I even got to lavish some love on Higgins after he did his tricks for treats!!
Here's Patsy and I.  I think I first met them on her Blog (click here).   It's funny how people can feel like family, even if you don't see them every year.  We discussed some of my RV problems and laughed over our instant pot tragedies.
And that's when Patsy gave me one of her painted rocks.  It's a quilt!  I love it and will keep it on the dash of my rig.
I was supposed to get groceries, but ran out of time.  I just had some of Cooper's food for dinner.  No worries, it's leftover chicken from the rally, along with a little leftover salad.  The thought of two ice cream bars for dinner didn't sound good.   I must be sick!!  I'm headed back to Grandma Jo's today, then off to finish up some paperwork (doggie vaccination proof is required here).

Then there's the rig wash and wax, Algodones, Yuma Marketplace and catching up with more friends.  I'm going to be a busy girl.


  1. I'm so glad you squeezed us in! You are so busy! The quilt rock is honoured to be on your dash. :)
    Maybe things will slow down for you in Tuscon but in the meantime, enjoy the visits and day trips. Great seeing you!!

    1. It's been a mad rush here, but that's okay. I love visiting with friends!!

  2. Wow. The rock is gorgeous. I hope I'm on the calendar!

    1. You are definitely ON the calendar Elva. I'll see you tomorrow!!

  3. Wow! Wonder what I could accomplish if I got up at 4am instead of 8! You did get a lot done and some visiting ticked off your calendar. Beautiful painted rock I'm sure you will cherish. Have a great day!

    1. It's true actually ... I do get a lot done by getting up early, but it's the puppies that get me up. Otherwise I'd probably sleep till 9:00! LOL