Monday, January 6, 2020

Beautiful Downtown Indio

I made it in one piece to the beautiful downtown Indio Walmart parking lot.  With the outside temps being around 70 degrees, it didn't take long to open all the windows and hit the fan.  I was loving it!!  No more cold feet!!!

We usually have about 18 rigs for this event, but everyone baled on us this year.  You can't blame them.  It's been the same rally for the last 30 years.  I mean literally nothing much has changed except maybe the entertainment and you are, after all, in Indio.  Add to that the rising costs and it's a NO GO.
At 11:30, all eight of us moved over to the staging area where we waited ... and waited ... and .......  Ok, enough of that, it was 2-1/2 hours before we got parked, and it wasn't even in our usual spot.  They changed the parking back to the old way, putting us at the very edge of the dirt.  The good news however is that we are farthest away from those lovely screaming generators.

They did offer up a grassy area parking spot down the main drag right next to one generator with no party space and no satellite TV due to the palm trees.  We declined.
So here we are, nice and cozy for happy hour.  Four of our group are parked elsewhere with several more coming in just for dinner on Wednesday.  John Painter brought out his fabulous new light setup and clamped it to the easy-up I drag all over the country.
The lights change colors.  Is that not cool?  I'll get the brand name for you because I KNOW you are going to love them.  There is a remote control that changes them from color to color, flashing or not, or rotating everything.  They are a kick in the pants.  
Since I couldn't find any fruit already cut up, I'll be hacking and dicing this morning getting ready for the first breakfast.  I'm pretty sure it will be nap time after that.  Sleeping is a premium prize around here and I don't have enough green stamps to buy it.


  1. Even though they are informative with Seminars and meeting up with Friends old and new the rising cost on most Rallies will be their demise. When it comes to the workers it is always the same people with no new blood stepping forward to lend a hand.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the gathering.

    It's about time.

  2. Glad you got set up in a half decent location. I agree with Rick's thoughts on this that with rising costs and the same people working them all the time, rallies could become a lost 'art'.
    Just ready to come to Quartzsite!

    1. Practically everyone who comes to this rally is a volunteer. We really get very few who just come for the rally info.

  3. Glad to read you and your "menagerie" made it safely to Indio.
    Looks like you do have a lovely set up for your group's gatherings.

    1. We all made it safe and sound. I know that because Jonathan talked to me for an hour yesterday! LOL

  4. Hope you enjoy your rally. Too bad the folks who host these events don't understand the basic idea that the higher the price, the fewer attendees which can equal less overall income.