Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Well THIS Is Fun!!!

I'm sitting in my car crooked ... me, not the car ... trying to hold my too large computer in a too small space to be writing.  This afternoon, I'll have to find the library so I have more room.  My WiFi works great, as does my phone, as long as I'm in town, but the crook in my back isn't very happy.

I left yesterday in a little fog with cloudy skies due to the expected rain.  It was the usual gorgeous drive with no problems other than a little construction here and there.
I tried to make note of where I wanted to return for pictures, but that didn't work out so well.  I can only remember three things at once and there are at least ten places to stop along this section of the Oregon Coast Highway.
The fishermen were out in force in the bay at Yachats, even though the tide was going out fast.  The clouds looked pretty ominous in several places and I seemed to skip around the rain.
Every time you turn a corner, it's beautiful.  There's just no place prettier than the Northwest coast, although at this point the fog came in again petty thick.
This is the bridge at Ten Mile Creek, just to show that my pictures don't always turn out.  By the time I was about to take this one, I decided the road was too narrow for a one-handed crossing.
The next one at Big Creek was a little better.  
Then there's the tunnel just after Cape Perpetua ... I think because that was about the tenth thing I was trying to remember!!  Whenever I have to drive through a tunnel, I take up the whole road as long as I can't see any cars coming.  I'm sure that freaks out the people behind me, but I don't want to snag an edge on the low side.
Once set up at the Elks Park in Florence, I drove into town looking for antique stores.  In the many times I've been through here, I haven't stopped to check out any of the shops.  I found some lovely vintage ice cream ... pecan praline to be exact ... that tasted out of this world!!  I figured I needed a few extra vitamins for those "other" antique shops.
I should have stuck with the ice cream, but found this beautiful Roseville vase back in a corner.  I couldn't resist.  That, along with a few cones of weaving yarn came home with me.  
By now it's raining ... not just raining, but pouring!!  I made a quick stop in at Chens Family Dish for some Chinese food to go.  After my cooking disaster, I figured it would be prudent to buy dinner for a few days.  There is more than enough here for four meals!!
This morning I wandered back up the coast to stop in at a few of those places I was trying to remember.  It wasn't hard, I just drove up about 20 miles and stopped at every pull out on the way back!!  I got some great pictures I can't wait to show you ... but they will have to wait until tomorrow!!

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