Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Beauty and the Beasts!!

Here's a place I bet you haven't visited ... Hidden Acres Greenhouse.  Talk about beauty ... you're sure to find it here!  Located just South of Tillamook on So. Prairie Road, it's a great place to walk around, enjoy the beautiful flowers and have lunch!!  Yes, LUNCH (or brunch) at your local nursery!
It was pretty hard not to buy a couple of the hanging baskets in the greenhouse.  These are some happy flowers!!  Inside to the right is a small gift shop restaurant, where you can get some great sandwiches and salads at reasonable prices, or just a cup of coffee and enjoy the greenery.  
There were so many new flowers that I've never seen before.  Even though practically hurricane winds came through here the day before, everything was gorgeous and well taken care of.
Here's a great idea for that old tree stump that will cost you a fortune to take out.  Surround it with trees and hang birdhouses on the old limbs.  Add a couple of bird feeders and you have a perfect backyard attraction!!
The restaurant is small, but they have excellent reviews and cozy sitting areas.  If you want to eat outside, here's a great spot.  If you REALLY like your table, you can even buy the furniture!!
Amazing colors grow in Oregon with all the rain that's come down over the last two days.  It's still raining in spite of the weatherman's prediction.  Its definitely been a beast the last couple of days, and threatens to continue today as I head further south to Newport.

Despite my black thumb, hope springs eternal, as I adopted this little violet for my kitchen counter.  In the really old days, I used to grow these by the dozen, along with Christmas cactus.  Since the barrel cactus I purchased last January is still alive (and thriving to my amazement), this little sister will keep it company.
In the afternoon, upon invitation from a group of Escapees met on Facebook and here in the RV park, I returned to the Fish Peddler in Bay City for another shot at their clam chowder.  Here's a tip for you ... on Tuesdays they have senior day and you get a discount!!  My huge salad and soup was only $10.
Looks yummy, right?  It was beyond good.  Trouble was, it tasted so delicious last time that I ordered a BOWL.  Trust me on this one, order the CUP.  This bowl of soup is a least four cups big ... much more than I could possibly eat.
Here's the group ... Mike, Tara, Me, Jim on the left and Joann, Fritz, Ken, Shirley and Georgia on the right.  Least I hope I got that right!!  It's amazing how quickly you can make friends in the RV world. Here's what's funny ... Ken and his wife Shirley and Fritz with his wife Joann, were all at the balloon festival in Albuquerque at the same time I was.  Not only that, but they were parked just down from me, in the same group of Boomers.  Weird I didn't recognize them, or vice versa!!
After a great late lunch, I came home to begin packing for my next move and to work on knitting with beads.  It's coming along .......
Up early as usual on a move day, the beasts were out in full force.  As soon as I walked out the door, the coyotes were howling at the moon.  It sounds like a pretty big pack, which doesn't surprise me since there is a large free range chicken farm close by.  I imagine there will be chicken for dinner or rather breakfast!!!  I'll catch up with you later in Newport!!


  1. Well Now. You found a place in Tillamook County I didn't know about. I'll have to check that out someday. Thanks for the good report