Saturday, September 12, 2015

No Wind There Either

Although it was socked in with fog yesterday, I was determined to drive to Lincoln City one last time before I leave next week.  I took my kites with me, just in case the wind was perfect.  That way (trying to think ahead) I wouldn't buy another kite just so I could fly, since I'm in withdrawal at this point.
You know that gallery on the west side of the Highway ... the one with all the amazing wind vanes outside blowing in the breeze?  Have you ever stopped there??  I don't usually stop at any place with the name "gallery" on it, since the prices are usually out of this world.  These were no exception and definitely in another galaxy.  The least expensive and smallest they had was $500.  I should have bought that big one in Maine for $100!!  Thankfully the sales girl got distracted and I snuck out the back door.

At any rate, I stopped a few times for some pictures, but got chased away from the Siletz Bay tree-on-a-rock by a construction company.  I'll make a note to stop there next year.
In Lincoln City at Northwest Winds kites, I found one I've been looking for to hang on the rig.  My thought was to attach a piece of PVC to the ladder to hold the pole.  When I got home I quickly discovered that won't work.  The bottom of my ladder is 7 feet in the air.  I'd have to get out a stepladder every time I wanted to put it up or take it down.  RATS!!

The cheap bamboo pole that came with it won't last long at all, so today I'm off looking for a different solution.  I'm hoping to find a pole that will fit over a piece of rebar.  That way I'll just plant it in the ground, making it easier to steal!  How do you put your flag up?
Since there was absolutely no wind at all in Lincoln City, I didn't have to worry about kite flying.  On the way back, the fog got worse and worse until I got soaking wet being outside for just a few minutes.   Regardless, every day I run out to the beach with all my gear to check the wind, and every day I come back five minutes later (BIG SIGH).
On the way home from Lincoln City I stopped in at South Beach Fish Market for my last hurrah of halibut and chips.  This stuff just doesn't get old.  I could eat it at every meal!!  
These little guys brightened up my day a little.  I've been trying to walk every day .. trying is the key word here .. and I found these guys tucked away in a corner with some ferns.  I guess Labor Day was the big cutoff because the park wasn't inundated with weekenders yesterday.  As I walked around I found seven empty sites.  There weren't even any rigs driving around and around at 9:00pm looking for a place to park!!  YAY!!!
It is again Farmers Market day in Newport, where you will find me first thing this morning.  It will probably be a weaving, knitting, play with the puppies kind of day, except for my twice daily drive to the beach looking for that elusive wind!!


  1. Flag pole solution. Attach the PVC to the ladder but extend it down to about 3 or 4 feet off the ground. Attach a second PVC pipe to that one that you will insert the flag pole into. You could use a U connection or a P trap to connect them at the bottom, or you could just use PVC glue to glue them together. Tom can probably improve on my crude design. Good Luck. Jim

  2. Nancy, at the kite shop in Newport they have extendable flag poles that looked pretty sturdy to me.

    We finally got some good flying in yesterday, hoping to again today.

    1. Thanks Nick ... I got one for only $25 that has an attachment to stick in the sand or dirt. Works great but I'd still like to hand it on the ladder somehow.

  3. If you can't find the right solution to hang that kite
    My address will be forthcoming

    1. I have a couple of suggestions ... do you have another solution?