Tuesday, September 8, 2015

It's A New Day!!!

My wishes came true yesterday morning as most of the "campers" moved out by noon.  No more smoky fires, loose barking dogs or kids screaming NO I DON'T WANT TO at 5:30 am.  Lucky for me, I was already up ... so was the rest of the park after that little alarm went off!!

It's a new day and I'm playing catchup ... catch up on my grilled cheese quota, catch up on some laundry, catch up on vacuuming and cleaning out the fridge.  I picked up a few things at Fred Meyer to make a macaroni salad with a Mexican twist and went on the hunt for a small barbecue.  Seems I'm always looking for the wrong things at the wrong time of year ... I didn't find a single one.  Any suggestions for a good one??
By 1:00 the wind finally came up enough for some kite flying.  I hope at some point I can be a little more consistent when it comes to this hobby.  With 15 mph winds, no matter what I did, it just went in circles.  I checked and rechecked the harness to no avail.  Finally I got out a different pair of lines, switched everything out and got it in the air ... just in time for the wind to speed up to 20 mph.
Even with every adjustment possible, it was a little too much wind.  It pulled me around the beach rather handily.  At least I got in a little practice before the winds kicked up to 25 mph, when I was heard to utter "oh crap" ... and finally put it away.  That was pretty disappointing, but there's always another day, like maybe this morning.  
I happened upon a great idea on the world wide web yesterday ... how to clean your windshield so the bugs will just slide off, starting with some 0000 steel wool to clean what's been hanging out there ever since I bought my rig.  Once polished and clean, wipe on a couple layers of Rainex, then wipe it off again with a wet rag.  I've actually used Rainex before but it seemed to smear the windshield.  To help all that hard work last longer, wipe a little Rainex on your wiper blades.  I thought I'd try it this week and see how it goes, that is if I can get my ladder out of the belly of the beast.

Now that the crowds have thinned out, I also want to check out the Oregon Aquarium just down the road and hit a few of the tourist traps around town.  There's nothing like a walk through Pirate's Plunder or Things Rich and Strange.  


  1. Nancy, David also bought steel wool, super fine 0000. To go along with this steel wool, he also purchased INVISIBLE GLASS by Stoner of Quarryville, PA. I am the one that washes the windshield. I have not used the steel wool, yet, but has used the Invisible Glass several times and the windshield looks real good. Unfortunately, the truck's windshield is under a pine tree so we are getting sap and it needs extra 'rubbing power'. Before we leave Thayne, WY I will try the steel wool and add it to my cleaning method. Lynn Cross

    1. Lynn, this method came from the RV Geeks, and I haven't tried it yet. The superfine steel wool is not supposed to scratch, but you might check it in a corner first, just to be sure.

  2. No no no no no no no no no steel wool
    You're scaring me
    You're better off taking sandpaper at that rate
    Please go to the local grocery / hardware store and buy a soft scrub pad
    Be careful in that department as well I think the green ones are abrasive to glass
    Read the direction some are made for glass and ceramics some are not
    What you're looking for is a non-abrasive nylon pad specifically nonabrasive
    There are some horror stories on the Internet about people that use 000steel wool thinking that it'll work
    Think about something if you take 000 steel wool to make your wooden cabinets or tables smooth you're taking part of that finish off what do you think it'll do to your windshield will be replaced and that soon

    1. That's certainly possible ... I haven't actually tried the steel wool yet. It is 0000, the finest made and was recommended by RV Geeks.

  3. The gripper Scrubber from Lowers or Home Depot and they even come with a handle
    The Gripper scrub pad is a non-abrasive, polyester pad that helps clean a variety of surfaces. The Gripper is safe to use on glass and compliments many of our cleaning products. To help promote a greener environment, 100% of the polyester fiber used in our Gripper Pad comes from recycled materials. Primary sources of these materials are recycled soda and water bottles.
    For use on hard surfaces, such as glass, metal, and ceramics
    Used most commonly with the A-MAZ water stain remover
    Each package contains 3 pads and one green "Gripper" handle
    Can be used on bathroom enclosures, sinks, toilets, fixtures, patios, pool areas, stove tops, ovens, grills and countertops
    Scrub that and have a good day

    1. If you go to some places like bed Bath and beyond you can find that same kind of pad but with a long handle

    2. I have a friend in the glass business. I'll give him a call and see what he says. I have several scrubbers, but none really work very well.