Monday, September 21, 2015

Moving On Down This Time ....

Such is the life of an RV traveler ... always moving from one location to the next.  It must be that time of year to head south since I hear huge flocks of geese flying overhead.

With the internet working, I didn't have to drive to town early, but I did go back to Bay Street in Old Town Florence for one last piece of quiche.  Arriving a little too early, I sat on the street and read a few chapters of Nick Russell's book Big Lake Reckoning.  What a great way to spend a gorgeous sunny Sunday morning.  Surprisingly, Sunday was MUCH more crowded than Saturday.  There were even tour buses parked down the street.

I walked down to Given Back and was immediately greeted by Zoey!!  Such a sweetheart ... but here's the trick.  If she greets people who come in, she gets a treat ... and Zoey LOVES treats.  No matter, I sat on the floor and played with her (a medium sized Australian shepherd) for 20 minutes.  Good thing my puppies weren't around.

This is the bird feeder ... made with an illusion roof.  It's actually one solid piece of wood with a well in the center for seed.  The outside pieces are for the birds to land on before jumping up on the edge.
 The hole in the center back is for suet or peanut butter ... apparently a favorite of birds.  Who knew??
Here's one more I couldn't resist ... a hanging model.  All of these birdhouses are for outdoor use and will last for years as every piece is cross-nailed in place.   I think this one will end up inside, hanging from my fireplace!!
I got back to the rig in time to see some guy pulling a boat come around the corner too fast and knock over the street light at the front of my rig.  He didn't say a word, just drove off.  I thought maybe he didn't feel the hit, but I don't know how he missed the BANG!!!  Everyone else moved out and the park is practically vacant now!

If you are an Elk and haven't stayed at this RV park in Florence, be sure and check it out.  The sites are large with lots of trees between for privacy.  Easy in, easy out and GREAT people working the registration desk.  My AT&T phone doesn't work here, but others seem to be fine.
The rest of the day was spent playing with the puppies, watching football and trying NOT to eat.  There's nothing worse for a diet than sitting around bored, eating everything in sight!!  It won't stop with a move either, as Bandon has that halibut and chips ... the best I've ever tasted!!

Time to get going .... see you in Bandon at the West Coast Game Park!!


  1. My grand daughter worked at West Coast Game Park until she over to Bend a couple months ago

    1. Too bad she isn't still there Betty, because the Game Parks is ALWAYS on my "go see" list!!

  2. We really enjoyed that park also. Spent 3 weeks there just before you got there. I would have like to meet you. Margie Maloney

    1. Margie, I'm sorry I missed you!! Hopefully we will meet up down the road somewhere!!