Saturday, September 26, 2015

Being Home ... Good and Bad!

There's good and bad when it comes to being home.  Here's MY list!!

My computer hooks up to the internet instantly ... Good
It's too easy to order too much stuff on the internet ... Bad

I don't have to wash my house ... Good
I have to wash the motorhome because it is so filthy from all the dirt and grime ... Bad

I have a dishwasher that works ... Good
I have to cook more because there aren't any restaurants near me ... Bad
I have a back yard big enough for food burials ... Good

It's easier to diet when not on the road and eating out ... Good
I get bored faster and cook, therefore I eat ... Bad

I have a great makeup mirror and lots of light in my bathroom so I can actually see ... Good
I'm the queen of makeup and won't go outside without it ... Bad
Really, I won't.  People call the coroner because I look dead.  It's a pain to explain over and over that I'm really alive, just not wearing makeup!!

I have a real toilet that flushes with a handle ... Good
The handle broke and has to be replaced AGAIN ... Bad

I have real toilet paper ... Good
Actually there's no bad, because I use real toilet paper in the rig ... yup the two ply stuff with a "made for septic system" label ... I just use it sparingly because I'm cheap and I don't want my tank to have problems.

A real shower with lots of running water ... Good
The shower head is plugged up and needs to be replaced ... Bad

The puppies get to run around a huge back yard with no leashes ... Good
The puppies run around the huge back yard, bringing dirt, grass and critters in to the house ... Bad

I don't have to worry about the puppies making lots of noise and barking ... Good
The neighbors are still playing in the garage all night and making lots of noise ... Bad

I can get my mail any day I want and don't have to figure out where the nearest post office is located ... Good
I got a bill from Thousand Trails and find a $65 "assessment" charge, which they describe as paying for insurance and electricity at all Thousand Trails parks, something the representative conveniently forgot to tell me ... BAD BAD BAD!!
I figure at $25 a night, I received $1600 worth of parking at Thousand Trails this trip alone, which actually cost me $490 out of pocket ... GOOD GOOD GOOD!!  Guess I'll have to stay three more days every year to get an extra $65 worth!!

Unloading the motorhome and finding something I purchased last year hidden in a corner ... Good
Unloading the motorhome ... BAD!  How did so much stuff get in there??

Having lots of extra canned and boxed food to eat ... Good
I have to throw away lots of extra canned and boxed food because it's outdated ... Bad    I've decided since I rarely eat IN when on the road, that I'm NOT going to replace all that canned stuff.  I'll just buy what I need when I need it from now on.

It's nice to be home and relax, and not worry about the next move ... Good
It's only for three days, as I have a meeting to attend in Hanford... this could go either way!!

Time to wash the remaining half of the rig (I did half last night) and finish unpacking!!


  1. You getting home and having to unpack....BAD
    You going back on the road for more adventures and all of us getting to read about it...GOOD Joe

    1. Okay then!!! I need to get back on the road asap!!! Thanks Joe!!

  2. Double check on your $65 T.T. assessment charge. Ours is $25, and is listed as "optional" on the annual statement.

    1. Thank you Dan ... it is $65.00 and when I called, they said it was part of my contract. I doubt that, since everyone I've talked to says it's optional. Will do more checking.