Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Moon Goes Down, The Sun Comes Up

Funny how that works, but it makes it more interesting, especially for someone who likes to take pictures.

Our meeting started at 8:30 yesterday morning.  The first half was all about how to interest more people in the Chapters.  Our group doesn't have much of a problem because we go many interesting places and ride great trains, steam trains in particular.  Many clubs however, just sit around with their knife and fork at the ready.  In my perspective, that's rather boring.  I want to go and see and do!!!

Subway made a killing as three huge boxes of sandwiches arrived for lunch.

Next up was the planning portion for the WMHA Rally in Indio the first of January.  This is where the ice cream social part comes in.  Really, my job is pretty easy.  Order ice cream, ask for volunteers, give ice cream away for free.  I just have to be sure I get golf carts for the final day cleanup.  In the middle of all that, OUR club has a rally with BBQ salmon and pork tenderloin.  Not bad for a day's work!!

Once the meeting was over, there was of course a happy hour and a great catered dinner, not to mention meeting up with a lot of really nice people.  I hear stories of a few mean people running around the country in motorhomes, but I haven't met one yet.  MOST would give you the shirt off their back if you needed help.
The moon came up and went down ... another beauty through the smog and clouds still hanging out over the central valley.  Amazingly, the moon moves very fast across the sky.  I set up the tripod with the moon in one corner, and before I knew it, it moved halfway across the shutter.

 The same smog and clouds were still there this morning, helping the sunrise be a spectacular one.
Today I'll pack up and head back home.  It's a short drive, so there's no hurry.  To hurry would mean I have to finish unpacking this beast ... and the car, come to think of it ... so I'm taking my time.


  1. I've always wondered why some people belong to an RV club when they don't want to go anywhere but for lunch.

    1. Exactly Jan .... why go through all the trouble to pack up and get there, just to eat?? Maybe we are just the adventurous type!!!

  2. That is really nice to hear. thank you for the update and good luck.
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