Saturday, September 19, 2015

Heceta Beach Flying

This no-internet thing might just turn out okay after all.  I get to have wonderful broccoli quiche every morning at LeBouchon … and don’t forget that peanut butter cookie!!
After moving the rig, driving to Old Town and having breakfast while I wrote the blog, I took off South across the bridge.  At the sign for Thousand Trails South Jetty Park, I turned right and kept going, shaking my head at the sight of all those trees and tree stumps in that park.  If you have a small rig and don’t want television, it’s probably a nice place to stay.

At any rate, just continue on the road until you come to a sign that says OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) Park and Jetty to the left.  As you come in, grab another one of those envelopes and deposit your $5.00.  I’m not sure how often they check, but if the wind was good, I planned on staying awhile.

There are several paved parking areas along the 5-1/2 mile road … secure your valuables.  I put my computer and camera in the backpack on one shoulder and my kite bag on the other.  With a 45 degree ascent up the sand dune, it was a little tough going.  The trick is to walk at the very edge next to the bushes where the sand is hard, making it much easier to navigate.  
Heidi lives here I guess, as this seems to be her beach.  She wasn’t anywhere in site when I was there … nor was anyone else.  The beach was completely deserted!!  Perfect for kite flying!!
I set up my lightest kite, since the winds were barely 5 mph, and went to town!!  It took a few adjustments due to the light winds, but I was having a great time anyway.  Then that dog came along!!  Really, if your dog isn’t well trained, don’t let him run wild on the beach while you scream your lungs out.  When they were out of range, I went back to flying.  
It didn’t take long for the wind to die down considerably, making it a LOT of work to keep the kite in the air.  That wasn’t helped by the fact that I was flying in a bowl where the wind pretty much went over the top, so when I did crash, it was almost impossible to get it back up.  Time to quit and enjoy the view!!
It’s always easy going downhill … going back up, not so much, especially when you are loaded down with camera, computer and kite bag.  It’s a gorgeous view however, even if you only go up the sand dune and stay on top.  The beach and ocean seem to go on forever!!
If you keep going North on the jetty road, you will actually leave the “parking fee” area, coming to a large parking lot towards the mouth of the bay.  If you have four wheel drive, you can probably continue even further in the sand, but I wasn’t taking any chances.  It looked to be a long walk to the beach from that parking lot, so I returned down the Jetty Road.  I did see lots of fishermen here, if that’s something you want to try.  

Here's a full-timer parked next to the sand dune you have to walk over.  He's ready for everything, from kayaking to biking to surfboarding (other side) to scooting down the sidewalk!!
One more stop at the bead shop for a couple of extra things, which turned into MANY more parts and pieces, and I was set to make a few more zipper pulls.  The ladies at the Waterlily Studio were very helpful, especially when we started talking about real estate here.  Seems everyone I meet who lives here, came from California, most retired and working part time.

Back at the Elks Park, I’m surrounded by smokers, beer drinkers, kids and big noisy dogs.  Two of those kids think it’s fun to run up my screen door and yell at my dogs, which of course makes them go ballistic!!  I wonder what the penalty is for …… oh never mind!!

I got a couple of tips on places to fly kites, so that’s where I’m headed today … and maybe one more trip to the Bead Shop.  Oh ... and the Farmers Market.  I left my big camera home since I'm listing to the right having carried it all day yesterday, so hopefully I won't miss any great photo opportunities. 


  1. You need to get a squirt gun, that would fix them kids running up to your screen door. lol

    1. LOL Dave ... that would work, but mom is usually lurking in the shadows!! I'd be in trouble for sure!

  2. Meeting kids like those is what makes you want a super soaker water gun not just a dinky water pistol. When Mom complains you say, "they came over to my place so I thought they wanted to play."

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