Monday, September 30, 2013

I Hate It When I Do That!!!

Most times you figure if you pack everything, anything missing can be picked up along the way.  MOST times ... that is.  THIS time, I'm not towing, and wouldn't you know, all those things I was SURE I packed, can't be found anywhere!!!  I hate it when I do that!!!

First off was my phone charger.  It's okay, I aways carry a spare in the rig, just for these occasions.  What I DON'T have however, is the plug on the end ... you know, the one that allows the electricity to flow through the wire and charge the phone??  I scrounged around until I found one that plugs into the dash ... cigarette lighter type ... but it refuses to charge the phone.  I pretty much imagine I'm not going to last three days on one days charge.  If you need to contact me, you'll have to send an email.   At least I remembered the MiFi!!

It didn't take long until I discovered the next forgotten item ... butter.  How can I have toast without butter???  I KNOW I put it in the fridge!!  I looked everywhere ... in the bathroom, in the cupboards and even in the freezer, because sometimes us old folks get sidetracked and just don't know where we put stuff.  Once I found my keys in the fridge!!  I HATE it when I do that.  While scrounging for the butter, I happened on a jar of Marionberry jam from Oregon ... a suitable substitute for a couple of days.

I'm parked in Hall's RV Park this morning, amid beautiful trees and singing birds, waiting for a donkey bray or two!!  I got to hang out with Sofie and Bitsy, two gorgeous Westies, getting lots of puppy kisses in the process.  We spent two hours going over my Ice Cream Social duties last night, along with parking requirements, acquiring the tri-tip, executing the final clean-up and a pizza party.  We ended the night at Sals Mexican Restaurant in Fresno with the best Chili Verde Fancy Burrito I've ever had!!

This morning I'll head off to Hanford, about 50 miles away where I'll be meeting with other Western Motorhome Association members in the planning stages of the Indio Rally.  Maybe I'll meet someone who can spare some butter!!!


  1. On some vehicles the cigarette lighter socket in the dash only works when the ignition is on.

    1. Oh I see .... thank you!!! I was wondering if it worked at all. I'll try that on the way home.

  2. Hey Nancy, I 'm on diets all the time, no butter on any of them, I also record my meals on fitness pal really works quite well. Have fun and I'm sure there will be butter in your future somewhere!

  3. LOL ... thanks so much Rose. I know butter isn't exactly diet food, but what's a nice piece of toast without butter??? I'll try to be good!!