Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rod Run To The End Of The World!!

Although it seems we are at the end of the world, we are only in Ocean Park Washington for the 30th anniversary of the Beach Barons classic car run.  People bring out their lawn chairs and park on the side of the main drag all day, just to watch the cars go by.
I think someone said there were about 1000 cars here.  An amazing number for such a small town.  This gentleman's father flew a B-17, so he chose to honor that service with this beautiful paint!!
It's just beyond belief how detailed these works of art can be.
Chrome chrome chrome ... and lots of blowers everywhere!!!  I heard one onlooker say that this will end you up in a ditch if you aren't careful!!
Here's a Studebaker P-50 ... can you believe it???  Yo Baby!!
Every color of the sun was represented here ... including several of the cars I have owned over the years.  My first, a '57 Chevy ... pink to be exact.  Sure wish I had her back.  Then a '56 Chevy, a '64 GTO with three twos (my race car when I lived in Yosemite National Park!!), a '60 something Mustang Fastback and a '40 Ford ..... they were all there!!  Sure brought back memories!!
As you can see, I like the older models.  This car show accepted 1983 and older cars and trucks, which I suppose are "old", or classic as they call it now.  As Dan so nicely put it, "what do you think WE are??"  Well I don't know about YOU, but I'M NOT OLD or CLASSIC!!

This one is "Hard Candy" .... I can't imagine the amount of money invested in these beauties!!
And speaking of Candy ... she was here too!!  Candy Clark, nominated for an Academy Award for best supporting actress from American Graffiti fame was signing autographs!!   Three of the cars in that movie were here too!!  
One of my all time favorites is the '40 Ford ... the paint on this one is amazing.  I ended up selling mine for a song.  Problem was there was no one local to do a great paint job, chrome parts or repair upholstery, let alone work on the engine.  Now that I can afford one, I just might see what's available.
The Inlaws and Outlaws were there ....
Again with the gorgeous paint!!  Some of the most beautiful colors I've seen.  
Okay, not so much here ... but it's a Woody!!  THE most popular surfing car on the California coast!!
There were big trucks and little trucks ... this Dodge had an owner that was barbecuing in the back!!
Do you remember candy apple red???
And yellow flames???
This was probably the most amazing flame job we saw all day.  
There were just so many to show you ... but the slow internet here doesn't allow uploading 143 images, so these will have to suffice.  I voted for this 1955 Studebaker truck as my favorite!!
It was great walking down memory lane, but all good things must come to an end.  It was a long slow drive back through Long Beach due to the traffic.  A short side trip to the beach saw another guy stuck in the sand, dangerously close to getting flooded.   This older truck looked like it was having engine trouble.  Thanks to good samaritans, he was pulled out just in the nick of time.  The tide was coming in fast and I'm sure his floorboards got wet!!
 We met with Ray and Cindy, readers of Dan's blog, at Lost Roo for dinner.  They just returned from a couple of months in Alaska with their fifth wheel, and both are quilters.  After comparing notes for a couple of hours, we took our leave.  You just meet the nicest people when you blog and RV!!!

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