Thursday, September 12, 2013

I'm Hooked !!!!

On kite flying ... and it took all of 30 seconds for it to happen!!  A couple days ago, Nick and Terry mentioned they were going out to fly his new kite with a subscriber friend and asked if we might be interested.  My face lit up immediately!!   I think I asked Patty and Dan six times if we were really going!  Upon arrival, Nick and John were hard at it, flying one of John's many Prism Snapshot kites.
There's a lot of pull from this big one.  If the wind catches it just right, it will drag you down the beach a ways!
While the guys were flying, John's wife Karen and PJ the wonder dog gave Patty and I lessons in dog training.  PJ's a pro and was showing off his stuff for us.  I learned a lot of tips and tricks that I'm going to practice on my two.  I know we all think there's no hope (I heard you laugh!!) ... but her tricks sounded real good.
When her husband and Nick asked if I wanted to give flying a try, Karen said YES for me!  Thank you Karen ... I never could fly a kite as a kid ... and I couldn't wait to get a lesson.  Now I'm hooked!!
It was AMAZING!!!  It took a little bit to get the hang of this Snapshot 1.4 ... feeling the wind and controlling the kite until it came crashing down.  The good thing about these Snapshots is their durability.  There's no spars to break ... so even if you crash it many times, it will fly again.   Perfect kite for the beginner!!
At one point, I though I was going to kill the poor woman laying on the beach sunning ... the kite came down so hard next to her she got sprayed with sand.  I would have been mad ... but when I apologized and told her it was my first time, she was a sweetheart and told me to go have fun!!  AND I DID!!!  Next stop ... the KITE STORE!!!
Nick gets credit for all these images ... he offered to hold my camera and little did I know, he was shooting away.  You can tell I was having fun ... in every image my mouth is open with laughter!!
Although Dan didn't want to try, thinking it didn't look like THAT much fun, Nick convinced him to try his bigger kite, the Snapshot 1.9.  His first words were Oh Sh**!! as it pulled him several steps forward.  Pretty soon there was a big smile on his face too and I'm sure I heard the words kite shop!!
Here's Nick, all relaxed, flying like a pro!  He let me try his 1.9 just to see if I liked it better, but it immediately pulled me off my feet and crashed.  I think I'll pass on that one!!
Not only is it fun and cheap (no cost after the initial purchase), it's a great workout.  Much more than you would think, as my back and leg muscles will attest to this morning.  It also works your brain with lots of hand-eye coordination and will make you SMILE!!  What more could you ask for in a hobby??
Can you tell I LOVED it???  Thank you Nick, Terry, Karen and John for sharing your fun.  You can tell me to "Go fly a kite" ANY time!!!


  1. I was proud of you, Nancy. You took to it like a fish to water.

  2. Awww thank you Nick!! And thanks for introducing me to a great new hobby!!