Tuesday, September 3, 2013

More Astoria Explorations!!

If you're one that doesn't like to sit still, you can always find something to do or something going on in this area!!  Patty and I don't do "sit" well ... so we were off again to spend a little more time exploring Astoria!!

Driving through Chinook we spied the telltale easy-ups of a market, slammed on the brakes and pulled in for a look.  This was an art festival of sorts, including several of the arts we have seen at other markets.
I don't know where they come up with the ideas for the things they make ... guess that's why I'm not "artistic".  Here are some bird feeders made from glass plates and bowls glued to small glass jar chicken feeders.  Pretty inventive!!!
Some ideas were just as simple as can be ... it's all in how you put it together, from picture frames to wall art.  Patty and I figured we could do the same with a few more shells from Marsh's Museum in Long Beach, so I'm sure there will be another trip to town.

One of the most unique items I've ever seen at an Art Festival/Farmers Market, were pins and belt buckles made from ammunition shell casings.  The buckles were a little too pricey for me, but this two inch hat pin would be a perfect conversation piece for my cowboy hat!!  
An hour later, we arrived in Astoria at the quilt shop.  Our mission was to find every piece of material in a beautiful black/brown/white quilt that Patty REALLY liked.  With help from the two shop keepers,  we were finally able to track down every one of 20 beautiful fabrics at 25% off.  

One of the main reasons I was looking forward to Astoria was to purchase roving (sheeps wool for spinning) at the Astoria Fiber Art store.  Wouldn't you know, it was Monday ... and they are only open Saturday for 4 hours and Sunday for 5.  Hmmm not sure how they stay in business with those hours.  Disappointed, we stopped at Petco for dog food and headed to the big box store to appease my sorrow!!  Loaded up with clam chowder fixin's, we split a great smoked turkey pannini and took off for home.  

A very enjoyable evening was spent with Nick and Terry at Lost Roo restaurant, where we closed the place down  ....  again!!  Lots of good conversation and laughter!!!  Today they are headed south to the same place we will take up residence in a few days.  

Okay Patty ... it's time to get our ART on!!!!

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