Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cannon Beach Oregon !!

No surprise, it was another foggy gray day in Oregon.  Personally, I love the cool weather, but it doesn't do much for my tan.  With no breeze and therefore no kite flying, Patty and I went on a shopping spree in Cannon Beach, South of Seaside.  It's the Carmel-By-The-Sea of Oregon.  Very upscale and pricey, with lots of restaurants and hotels.  If you didn't have your dog with you, you were not one of the "in crowd".

 It's kind of funny when you learn that this area was first discovered when a dead beached whale provided blubber to the Lewis and Clark expedition.  Originally named Ekoli Creek ... yup, sounds like a dangerous disease to me too ... it was later changed to Elk Creek.  In 1846, a U.S. Navy schooner crossing the Columbia Bar, graveyard of the Pacific, ran aground.  Eventually in 1896, one of the cannons was found on the beach here, and thus the name was changed to Cannon Beach.  Wouldn't people be surprised to learn their beautiful town came about due to some whale blubber!!

First on the list of places to see was the quilt shop.  They must have had almost every Batik made ... bolts and bolts of gorgeous fabric in every color imaginable!!  Unfortunately, they didn't have the one and only that Patty was looking for, so her hunt continues.  These two beauties were as pretty as the flowers hanging from every storefront.
For those that don't know already, I'm a big time lover of Halloween!!  This is from a photo shoot I did last year.  You also may be familiar with the Day of The Dead dolls from Mexico.
This is a terrible picture with my I-Phone, but I would LOVE to have this six foot tall doll standing in my entryway!!  At $1650.00, that's not going to happen ... but maybe I can replicate this beauty.  She would look great standing next to my butler who offers you spiders and worms for appetizers!!  YAY for Halloween!!!
We picked up scarves, knitting markers, a peanut butter cookie, a great turkey sandwich, quilt material, soap dish, spider web curtains, a glass bottle stopper, a scarf pin, two Fresh Produce tops and an apple fritter.  Quite a variety for a small coastal town!!  

Today we check out the kite competition at the Turnaround in Seaside, then tomorrow we head South, where we will split up ... Patty and Dan going to Coburg Oregon for another windshield repair ... and me heading further South to the Florence.  We will meet up again in a few days to continue our journey through Oregon!!

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