Sunday, September 1, 2013

And The Band Played On!!

One of the fun things Patty and I like to do is check out the local farmers markets.  Dan is usually the chauffeur, but isn't as fascinated in the "stuff" as we are.

Friday night, I attended the Friday Farmers Market in Long Beach.  Set up directly behind the Police Department, there weren't many booths, but those that showed up to sell their wares, did a booming business.

All the while, the band played on ... the Naselle High School Marimba Band!!  They were so good I bought a CD to help support their travels ... a good $10 investment.  Supported and directed by the music teacher at the school, everyone volunteers and sells the CD's to pay for expenses.  The sound was so uplifting that people were laughing and dancing, even in the cold gray ugly fog!!
While jelly, vegetables, pretzels and peanuts were sold on the sidelines, the kids played Chess!!  Can you imagine???  You certainly wouldn't see this in MY home town!!
Gorgeous lilies could be smelled from the other side of the park!   
Just down the street is one of Long Beach's amazing wall murals.  This building is HUGE and it shows the cranberry field harvest ... second only to oysters.  It took three pictures to get this panorama. 
Saturday morning, a gorgeous sunny hot day, we journeyed to the Ilwaco Saturday Market.  Set up all along the harbor, there was everything imaginable for sale.  It's Heaven to Patty and I ... Dan, not so much!!  But it didn't take long before he found a small kitty nip treasure for Gracie.  
Directly behind the tents above is the harbor full of fishing and pleasure boats.  It was a mixture of smells ... the fish packing facility, salty sea air, kettlecorn and smoked salmon chowder!!!  I didn't say it was all "good" smells .........
There were funny faces, purses, jewelry, woodwork, quilting and plants, to name a few.  Most everything was hand made!!  It was fun to walk along and talk to the vendors about everything from the weather to where the best burger was to how they made their craft.
My favorite of course ... the dogs!  This Jack Russell looks a lot like my Jessie, without the crazy attached.
Queenie, the sweetest little Westie is a rescue girl.  Blind and needing shots every day for diabetes, this wonderful gentlemen takes care of her every need.  I love stories like that!!!  She's thirteen years young!
And the band played on ... Double J and the Boys played country music the entire time.
They were so entertaining that the Old Farts sang along and danced to the music.  
And across the way was the Songbird ... how appropriate!!  Okay, not really ... the guy danced better than he sang.
And the band played on as we packed up our new treasures ... I know, I know ... alright, "I" packed up MY new treasures and we headed back to the rigs.  At the end of the parking lot I discovered the location of our next dinner house ... The Imperial Schooner ... recommended by Miss Terry and Nick.  It must be good with this many locals hanging out here!!
It's Sunday morning and we will soon be off to another Farmers Market ... this one is the "Sunday Market" in Astoria.  Hopefully Dan can find a hardware or gun store to check out while Patty and I peruse the good stuff!!!

I'm sure they will have a band playing on ...........

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