Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Idle Hands And All That!!!

But it's not going to be MY problem for some time!!  Too much cleaning to do!!!  First up ... remove the kennels and protect the hay ... it's time to bring Showby home!
I pretty much left the place a big mess when we pulled out in May.  Now I'm paying the price!  The large kennel can go, as I have no big dogs.  I did consider leaving it up so anyone entering the back yard would wonder where the dog was .. as in burglars ... but I really need the hay covered.  It's very easy to disassemble the kennel ... just a wrench to loosen the clamps.  The hard part is dragging them over to the horse stalls for storage!!
Now you see it ... now you don't!!!  Two hours later .... how time flies!!!
With that done, it's time to move the hay.  Now THAT took a little longer!!  I probably shouldn't be doing this at my age ... but then again, maybe that's why I CAN do this at my age!!!  There are tricks to using hay hooks and stacking 125 pound bales of alfalfa.  If you ever need my services, I'll be happy to provide some instruction.  At least now I can stop buying $100 tarps that just shred by the end of summer.  Although I used to buy hay by the retriever load (80 bales) I've opted to purchase from a local feed store (at a higher price of course), 40 bales at a time, which they will stack for me.  I guess it's a wash!
Time for the cleanup ... the two bales remaining have to go to the dump ... moldy hay is killer for horses!!
Now ... move the motorhome, hook up the horse trailer, move the motorhome back, get the horse, move the motorhome, park the trailer ..... it's the musical chairs of motorhome versus horse trailer.  I REALLY need one more parking spot.  Then it's off to purchase a pressure washer to clean up the black widows.  That's the down side to living in a sandy area ... they LOVE it here, and although I sprayed and sprayed before I left (you know, with the stuff that will work for 12 months?) they have again invaded every nook and cranny!!  My Ninja spider killing skills are known far and wide however ... pictures to come!!!

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