Friday, September 6, 2013

And The Thunder Rolls!!!!

Last night during dinner, the thunder started rolling louder and louder until a downright downpour drenched me in the 100 feet to my rig.  After that, it didn't rain much, but the ocean is roaring this morning!!

Just when you think we are all pretty much alike in this world, you discover there ARE some cultural differences!!  Some people like the city ... some people like the great outdoors where they can hike and be one with nature.  This area seems to be a little too close to nature for my taste.  After all, who goes looking for POOP in the mountains.  Uhmmmm well okay, I do, but only when looking for bears for photography purposes.  I just don't go looking for any old poop!!!  I found this book in the gift shop at the Astoria Column ... Scat and tracks for kids!!  It's kind of like that Owl Puke for sale in Jacks!!
On with the day ... as Patty and I were looking for cranberry vine baskets, I spied the big "C" word ... CUPCAKES!!  You KNOW I can't pass that up.  Bacon Maple cupcakes.  I have to admit it sounded much better yesterday when I was hungry than it does this morning, which is when I planned on eating it.  
Actually what I had in mind was a present for Dan's patience with my constant RV questions.  He's a baconator!!  It didn't take long until it disappeared ... he said it was good, but I'm not convinced.
Bacon seems to be on everyone's mind these days.  Good friends Dottie and Bob Poole were in the Portland area when they saw a long line around the block.  What else can you do but see what the fuss is about!!  VOODOO doughnuts ... as in television food show fame ... is located there.  They are so popular they will even marry you and provide the doughnuts for cake.
Dottie says they have to give you the big pink box since you waited in line for 45 minutes just to get in the door for a smell.  They "partook" big time ... and what do I see but maple bacon!!!  Dottie's word was YUMMY!!!
Patty and I finally found the store we were looking for ... M-D Creations.  It was chock full of items from local artists.  Be sure and check it out!!  Just inside the door was the most amazing wire pelican sculpture!!  I may still go back and get it.  In the meantime, I opted for this smaller octopus made by the same 28 year old girl.  
Patty found what she was looking for ... cranberry vine baskets.  These were made by an 81 year old lady and sell for $24.95 ... a bargain considering something similar down the street ran $175.00 and up.  
You just never know what you will find when you walk out that RV door and explore the area around you.  It's always an adventure to see what new treasure we can find.

It's raining again ... today town will become crowded with hot rods and classic cars for the Rod Show this weekend.  I'm certainly hoping it won't rain tomorrow ... I'm looking forward to some great pics!!

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